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The Crew

Aaron Duran:

In 2004, Aaron began channeling his love for all things popular culture into the website He received recognition for combining modern political climates with genre fiction, such as writing about societal gender issues and the sexual orientation of the various characters on Star Trek the Next Generation. Understanding one could poke fun at the very thing he loved, Aaron started the internationally popular podcast Geek in the City Radio, where all aspects of pop culture are covered. He led the charge in 2008 to rename Portland’s 42nd Avenue as Douglas Adams Boulevard, learning that combining fandom with government bureaucracy isn’t easy. Although the name change never happened, Aaron is still proud that he helped force the City of Portland into admitting their less than fair policy on street name changes and as a result instituted a new policy for citizen involvement on street names. 2008 also marked the year won Willamette Week’s coveted designation of “Best Blog That Isn’t a Waste of Time.”

2009 heralded the return of live radio dramas in Portland when Aaron began to write and star in  A.Z. (a series set in Portland’s dark future, after the zombies conquered the world) and The Adventures of the Crimson Mist (a heart-felt love letter to pulp adventure during the golden age of radio). Both series were well received and on their way to a second season when the cold hand of corporate buyouts ended both programs. In January 2011, Aaron self-published his first comic, La Brujeria, a whimsical take on Western European myth mixed with Latin American folklore. La Brujeria’s plot revolves around a Mexican American woman named Althalia, gifted from her ancestors with the power to control the dead, once she is hired at the Golden Bought Pawn, a shop that acts as a front for a paranormal investigation company based in Portland. La Brujeria draws on Aaron’s Hispanic heritage, his love of mythology, and his adopted hometown of Portland. Aaron is married to an amazingly supportive wife and a embarrassingly cowardly greyhound. He currently writes for Newsarama while continuing his work on his own creative projects.


Scott Dally:

Scott’s love for films began when he was a wee lad of seven. The second the house lights went down and the infamous “A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away…” illuminated the screen he knew some how some way movies were going to be a part of his life.

Fast forward 19 years Scott and two great friends found them selves working in a video store and spending all their time dissecting the films they watched in the store and ridiculing customers for choosing a Pauly Shore title over well…anything else. We decided to create a public forum for us to spew forth our “opinions” on and about film. Thus Film Fever was born on the Portland, Oregon cable access air waves. After 10 years (of various media forms) Scott keeps his love for films alive as he helped found Geek in the City Radio.

Scott does not like to be called a critic, after all, as some caller pointed out years ago, who is he to criticize someone else’s films? Scott is a film commentator who just loves to discuss films and movies (yes there is a difference). Scott’s all time favorite film maker is David Lynch with Quentin Tarantino a very close second. His all time favorite film “Glengarry Glen Ross” with “Casablanca” a close second.

When he isn’t bringing his unique view on films and the craft of filmmaking, Scott Dally hones his Poker skills in his quest to become a Texas Hold ‘Em champion.


Kielen King:

His name is Kielen (kee-lin) King. A longtime electronic music composer, Kielen has been involved in numerous projects. His experiences include having created theme songs/music for shows such as The Rick Emerson Show, Geek in the City Radio, Funemployment Radio, and Don’t Panic Portland.

His most recent musical accomplishment is the critically respected Star Pilot’s Lament, a musical sci-fi epic that reflects his love of slow rolling hip-hop and hard core science fiction. His previous works include the Downtempo band Azure Noir and has previously released some hip-hop projects as a solo artist. In 2008, Azure Noir, released “Addicted to Blue.” while 2009 saw the release of his instrumental album “Soundtrack for an Automated Night.” He is currently working on a sequel to 2011’s Starpilot’s Lament with Starpilot’s Revenge.

Friends and critics have describe his music as a “post hip-hop” sound. His compositions often carry a dark, melodic sound which often ventures into aggressive and sinister. The influence of hip-hop music is clearly evidenced by his use of aggressive drum tracks to complement my instrumentation. While not known for mimicking the sound of others, Kielen believe his sound has a uniqueness of its own that makes it extremely versatile and useful if you are looking for something a little different from what you’re used to hearing.

In 2011 Kielen joined Geek in the City Radio as an official co-host and debuted the popular segment Fun With Race – Where anyone and everyone is invited to ask the most delicate of questions regarding race relations and issues, as long as they’re ready for the answer. In addition to his fantastic work with Geek in the City Radio, Kielen co-founded and co-hosts the weekly Basketball podcast Rip City Bad Boys with friend and co-host Tristan Mayer.

He also hates Batman.


Dan Clark:

Yar. More to come later. So for now, yeah… Yar. Also,