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Issue 165 – Best. Show. Ever.

So, you know when people ask “Just what the heck is Geek in the City Radio” and you don’t know what to say? Now you do. This issue. This is what we do best! No recap, just a list. Movie Rumors. Zombie Fights. Rage Quit. Comic Reviews. Questionable religious jokes. Solving Race Problems. Swimming Donkeys. Star Pilot’s Revenge! Just download it people.

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Yes Virginia, There is an Anti-Claus (Remastered)

In 2005 Clyde Lewis and Aaron Duran scripted and produced a special radio drama presentation of a short story written by Jim Covill and Clyde Lewis. This radio drama became known as Yes Virginia, There is an Anti-Claus. A twisted telling of the Christmas myth; mixed with Christian prophecy, paranormal history, and tasteless jokes. The show quickly became a cult hit. Even more so when Entercom fired Clyde (and Aaron, 2 days before they hired him as Clyde’s paid producer, thanks for that).

Although the show has poked out it’s disturbed head from time to time, never has it sounded this good. Long thought lost, the original audio master files were found covered in Cheeto dust and a pile of empty Dr. Pepper bottles. Geek in the City and Clyde Lewis are proud to present to you, the original Yes Virginia, There is an Anti-Claus in glorious stereo for the very first time. ( I know, even back in the day this audio explosion was compressed in a crappy AM mono-mix).

Each voice and character was performed by Clyde Lewis and Aaron Duran. Yes, for good or bad, these maniacs performed every friggen voice (and even a song). The rest of the songs performed by the following:

Christmas Night of the Living Dead – MxPx

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year – InMemory

I Won’t Be Home For Christmas – Blink 182

I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus – Standstill

Randolph the Red Assed Baboon – Clyde Lewis & Aaron Duran

Christmas at Ground Zero – Weird Al Yankovic

So, pour some Egg Nog and Whiskey, roast some children chestnuts, and enjoy Yes Virginia, There is an Anti-Claus.


Geek in the City Radio Issue 112

Greetings Programs! In this issue, Scott and Aaron are joined by Portland’s pop culture Patrón – Kaebel Hashitani. Almost instantly, the conversation dives into a rant about Dr. Pulaski and why no one liked her on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Then, a special Pulling From Aaron’s Box as he reviews Darius Logan: Super Justice Force by DF Walker, and why it is a book every kid should read. Finally, Kaebel lets you know about all the great gallery events happening next week for 1st Thursday, 1st Friday, and…um… Saturday. (And don’t forget, Kaebel’s segment needs an official name – Suggest yours in the comment section or our Facebook page).

Download Issue 112 HERE

Geek in the City Radio Issue 110

Scott Dally is back. Old school show as Scott talks about ocean life bowing before him. Aaron talks Moriarty by Image Comics. Jenn talks Dreadfully Ever After. Everyone talks Rum with Deco Distilling. Don’t forget to check out Wonder Northwest this weekend at the Crowne Royal Plaza this weekend, May 14 & 15. Also… Scott Dally is back!

Download Issue 110 HERE

Geek in the City Radio Issue 109

Greetings Programs! Yes, we missed last week. But look, like all good boyfriends, we make it up to you later (and Dan will give you a beard massage). In this issue Aaron, Dan, and Kielen talk about the newest trailers for Transformers 3, Conan, and Green Lantern. Then, they are joined by Rick Emerson as they discuss his newest project – Zombie Economics – A Guide to Personal Finance, and his signing on Thursday May 12 at the Lloyd Center Barnes & Nobles. Finally, Kielen turns to the Twitters for this installment of Fun With Race, none of you are getting off light this time! As always, our thanks to Bobby Roberts for running the boards, and we’ll see you all at Free Comic Book Day!

This week’s musical breaks are:

Plasma ShellsPwn Toney

Roll a D6Assorted Intricacies

Download Issue 109 HERE