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Issue 263 – All About the Toys

Greetings programs. In this issue, Aaron, Kielen, and Scott take a shot at the dangers of nostalgia and that turns to talk of toys. And, yes, the racial balance of 80s toys and why Bayformers look like crap. All that, and we’re joined by listener (and podcaster in her own right) the awesome Beanerita!

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Epic Geek Party!

Have you ever wondered what us Geeks do on the rare occasion we go out in public? Simple, we drink like mad fools while trying to best each other in Discs of Tron! (Be it arcade or glow-in-the-dark Frisbee, both works). Tonight at 9pm at the Someday Lounge, the newly formed Portland Geek Council of Commerce and Culture (PGC3) is throwing a frakking massive holiday gathering and you are invited! This free event is open to the public, with special performances, activities, and door prizes brought by many of the PGC3 Organizations.

Look for performances by the jovial ruffians at PDXYAR and the critically sultry Geeky Von Teese. In addition to the performances, attendees can partake in classic old school gaming courtesy of PGC3 members Ground Kontrol and enjoy wonderful art from Sequential Art Gallery. Plus, prizes donated by the likes of Things From Another World, Billy Galaxy, Backspace, Atomic Arts, Excalibur Comics, GeekintheCity, and Ground Kontrol.

PGC3’s Geeky Wonderland Holiday Party starts at 9pm and goes until 2am. Geeky Wonderland will be held at the Someday Lounge (21+) in beautiful Old Town Portland. There is no cover charge. We hope to see you there and help us make sure we can Keep Portland Weird!

For more information and a list of participating organizations, please visit


Geek in the City Radio Issue 90

Back from vacation, the GeekintheCity Radio boys dive right into insanity as they talk about the history of Robert E. Howard, the Hulk’s sexual proclivity, and cheap Egg Nog. Somewhere in the chaos, Pulling From Aaron’s Box with Kull issue 1 and Batwoman issue 0. Also, Kaebel Hashitani of Sequential Art Gallery provides all your 1st Thursday needs in Portland. Finally, the first part in your 2010 Geek Gift Guide. All that, and more Scott “NPR” Dally. Brought to you by and

1st Thursday events mentioned – Spacenite 23rd Annual Big 100 Art ShowCostume CostumeBest of Someday IncubatorGeeky Wonderland

Crap. Just realized we forgot the intro music. Go ahead, lay on the guilt Kielen. Crap.

Download Issue 90 HERE480x225_nickdent

Geek in the City Radio Issue 70

That’s right – You heard a new opening. Huge thanks to Kielen King for creating the epic new stadium opening! Glory, honor, beer indeed! On this jam-packed issue, the Lovely Jenn talks about her adventures at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch (yes, that Moonlite Bunny Ranch), while Scott tells his tales of bordello boo-yaa. Next, Aaron pulls a tale of old west horror in this week’s Pulling From Aaron’s Box with Oni Press’ The 6th Gun. Finally, Dan tells sad Portland beer news, but makes up for it with epic toy tales… Oh, and how a lone man in a kilt almost got some members of the show arrested in Seattle. Really, where else but GeekintheCity Radio?!

Download Issue 70 HERE


A Busy Weekend.

Whew, this is one hell of a weekend here in the City of Roses. While Seattle celebrates the comic book industry with Emerald City Comic Con (and TFAW starts their Choose Your Own Adventure Interview Quest), we back in Portland still have plenty of fantastic events!

First, Saturday, March 13 from 3pm to 6pm at the Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center – Show your skills and impress the Famous Scott Dally and Dan Clark for your shot at a part in Stripperland! Be a part of Portland pop culture history as Cheezy Flicks does their darnedest (and goriest) attempt at becoming the West Coast Troma Films. Don’t need to be a stripper to audition for part in Stripperland. Indeed, they need everyone that isn’t a stripper to audition at the Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center this Saturday from 3pm to 6pm.


Prepare for glory the likes of which that haven’t been seen since Thor brought all his fellow Asgardians back from Ragnarok! Saturday, from 7pm till…? presents Pirates of the Cursed Seas Grand Finale – Hosted at Guardian Games. This is more than just a league championship between the PotCS players. Oh no. This is a party to end all parties. Straight from the Captain’s Log:

To the crew,

Ye are hereby formally invited to bear witness to this final game in the PDXYAR “Pirates of the Cursed Seas” League. Join our seventeen League players as they sail their fleets once more into battle. This evening is destined to be remembered in legend and song, as one of our brethren will be crowned as the PDXYAR League Champion and Pirate Lord!

Yer price of admission is $18 per player. $10 if ye just want to eat, drink and socialize.

– The $18 ticket includes: 4 sealed packs of “Pirates of the Cursed Seas”, pizza, drinks (+ grog after the store officially “closes”), 1 raffle ticket

– The $10 ticket includes: pizza, drinks (+ grog…)

And now, an F.A.Q. of sorts…

What is this?
– A night of pirate gaming, celebration and lamentation (but only by the losing pirates)

Ok, but I don’t know how to play!
– Welcome aboard mate! Since this is a sealed game (all players will be starting out with only the ships & crew in their packs), you’ll be on an even keel with every other pirate in attendance. You’ll be at a table with other new players and seasoned vets, which makes this the perfect time to ask questions and learn about the game!

Should I dress like a pirate?
– YAR! Yer garb (or “costume”) will surely fit in with the rest of us scallywags.

How old should I be?
– Well the store “officially” will allow non-adult-types (i.e. those under 21) until they close. After that, ye need to have yer current letter-of-marque (valid ID proving yer age) to stay. The gaming (and other festivities) will be going well into the evening. That means, no powder monkeys fer this event. Sorry.

I’m in the League! When do I get my prize?!
– ALL League players will receive their final rank and prize during an awards ceremony at the end of the game. Those of you who show up just to play for the evening will also receive a special parlay from PDXYAR.

Oooh, a raffle! What are the prizes/how do I buy more tickets?
– Additional raffle tickets will be available during the evening for $1 each. Our generous sponsors have been filling the ship’s stores with donations. A full list of raffle prizes will be posted before the day of the event. You can expect a bounty of pirate swag, gaming swag and pirate gaming swag to be raffled off. You’ll want in on this one… trust me

– EDITORS NOTE – While I usually recommend you don’t trust a Pirate, I gotta’ agree on this one. I know for a fact your friendly neighborhood Things From Another World donated some stellar prizes for the raffle – Damn near $300 worth of fine pirate statues! Statues like this:

18 Inches of Captain Barbossa

All the money raised goes to and the events they do for the community. Like I’ve said in the past, they’re like the legendary 501st, but with better aim and huge hats!

Finally, all weekend long – From Friday to Monday – All the Oregon Things From Another World is holding a special #NOTAGLITCH sale. You know all about’s massive SNAFU and the epic angering of their customers, well TFAW is here with a promise that we never mess with your orders! All weekend – Save 10% off all Action Figures – 50% off all Marvel Essential Books and some Marvel Graphic Novels – And, some select statues for a mere $8.95 –

You know, the same thing Amazon tried to sell, then had a glitch!

Like I said. Hell of a week!