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Geek in the City Radio Issue 37 – Where The Wild Things Are, Horrific Toys, Nosferatu, & Undead Stormtroopers

In this terrifying Annual-Sized issue of GeekintheCity Radio, Aaron, Scott, & Dan delve even deeper into the world of horror! First, Scott writes a childhood love-letter to Spike Jonze and his newest film, Where the Wild Things Are. Then, Aaron talks with author Joe Schreiber, the dark mind behind Death Troopers – Star Wars first foray into the realm of the undead. Next, Dan Clark lists his Top-5 Horror-Themed toys of all time. Finally, your friendly neighborhood Geek sits down with Adam Rosko of Atomic Arts Studio and talks about their newest production, the 1922 classic Nosferatu! All that and half a gallon of rum gets defeated by the GeekintheCity Radio boys. Get it!

Don’t forget to send in your “Name That Dracula” entry to to win your copy of Dawn of the Dead, Drag Me To Hell, Trick ‘r Treat, and Azure Noir on CD!

Congratulations to Chris Christman – The first listener to correctly identify all the actors. They were: Christopher Lee – Klaus Kinski – Bela Lugosi – Frank Langella.

This weeks musical breaks are:

Inis MonaEluveitie

If I Had A Heart Fever Ray

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Support Geek in the City... Please!

Support Geek in the City... Please!

Geek in the City Radio Issue 29 – 80 Page Giant!

A packed issue of GeekintheCity Radio. Bobby “Fatboy” Roberts discusses the newest sci-fi flick, District 9, while Scott Dally decides whether or not Jeremy Piven got the Goods. Which one of these dudes enjoyed a pleasant 90 minutes in a theater? Then, Dan Clark joins the Challenge of the Super Friends with all kinds of glorious action figures news. Finally, Aaron reveals his secret to picking up the ladies with his rustic fashion sense. All that and Dolph Lundgren. Only on GeekintheCity Radio.

This weeks musical breaks are:

CNR – “Weird Al” Yankovic

Paulverisor – A Les Paul flashback tribute

Don’t forget. This Sunday at the Coho Theater in NW Portland – It’s a Terrible Movie brings you Masters of the Universe with live (and scathing) commentary from Will Radik, Erik Henriksen, and Fatboy Roberts. Tickets proceed the Coho Theater. Get em!

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Cute microbes on sale

Geek in the City Radio Issue 27 – Dorks in Toyland!

You asked for more toy coverage and you’re gonna’ get it on this kung-fu gripped issue of GeekintheCity Radio. With Scott Dally on assignment, Dan Clark steps in to co-host with your friendly neighborhood Geek. Thrill as Aaron and Dan give a quick 2009 San Diego Comic Con re-cap. Chill as Dan delves deep into the world of action figures and other collectible bits of awesome. Finally, enjoy tales of Viking sacs and advice on…um…stretching. Where else but GeekintheCity Radio?!

This weeks musical breaks are:

Plastic AssassinsFatboy Roberts

Will You Love Me TomorrowMyrrh Larsen

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Portland Pop Culture Bingo!

Portland - Courtesy of Portland Travel Guide

…or, “I Can’t Get To Comic Con, But I Can Still Have Fun”!

I know, it sucks that we can’t all storm the gates at San Diego, but we can still have a fantastically Geeky time in the wonderful City of Roses. In fact, lets make it game! Thanks to Kaebel Hashitani of Sequential Art Gallery, here is your guide to all things Geeky and wonderful this Comic Con weekend in Portland.

Download the pretty full-size PDF Guide HERE.

Hit them all and win a prize! (The prize being glory and honor from your fellow Geek).PDX Geek Con 2009

Geek in the City Radio Issue 23 – Blades and Cookies

A strange issue to be sure. Listen as Aaron and Dan (filling in for the ailing Scott Dally) talk about Hollywood Squares of days past and the awesomeness that is Shadoe Stevens. Then, Aaron interviews Erica Black, Director of Photography for the documentary – Reclaiming the Blade; followed by a review from Commodore Clark. Finally, Aaron continues to dig his corporate comic book grave and Dan gets annoyed at the toy world. All that and more, only on GeekintheCity Radio!

This weeks musical breaks are:

Power RingKirby Krackle

By the Sword in My HandTÝR.

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