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Geek in the City Radio Issue 138

What happens when the crew takes a week off? You get a 2-hour show, that’s what happens. So much awesome, I’m not even going to try and be pithy. Instead, just a list. 1 – Mikey Neilson & Leia Weathington from Chronicles of the Nerds – 2 – Kaebel Hashitani & 1st Thursday – 3 – Interview with artist Norm Breyfogle – 4 – Thanksgiving Pain – 5 – Fun with Race – 6 – Birthing Dally – 7 – Straight from the Bottle – 8 – Football Fail – 9 – Bit ‘o Drinking. As always, our deepest thanks to you, the greatest listeners in the world!

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Geek in the City Radio Issue 135

Really, with a title like that, you know you’ve got gold! The boys are joined by Scott’s childhood film friend “5”. First, Batmanuel Duran goes off on GameStop and why they’re done getting his money, after keeping his paid copy of Modern Warfare 3. This doubly sucks, as Kielen goes off on a love-fest review on the new FPS. Then, Scott Dally brings a Dally Demands for Trekkies with The Captains. A double fast Fun With Race about Blacksploitation, pasty tanning, and why whitey don’t mind same-color immigrants. But, not before Dan Clark schools “5” on Tron Legacy.

See you all this weekend at the Swashbucklers Ball.

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La Brujeria #2

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Geek in the City Radio Issue 134

Greetings Programs. In this issue, Merrick Monroe talks about 1st Thursday events, but not before helping out with a game of “Win the Screener”. Who wins? You, the listener of course. Then, Scott reviews La Brujeria #2 and Aaron reviews Hellboy: House of the Living Dead. Also, witness the birth of a glorious new product from Aaron, Scott, Kielen, and Dan! Next, the debut of 5 Minutes Before the Mast with Captain Redgoat. All that, and Scott Dally is a foghorn! No, really. Get it!

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Geek in the City Radio Issue 133

Whew, this is a big one. What starts as an “angry show” turns into audio gold. First, naught but ball-bustin’ and butt-kickin’ for all. A rant about movers somehow becomes a talk about Batman: Arkham City, Arkham Asylum, and the creepiest video games. Then, Scott reviews Puss in Boots, but not before Dan gives him grief in a piratical manner. Then, a simple Fun With Race with Kielen turns into a fantastic conversation about race in superhero movies and comics. All that, and just how you will spend your Halloween weekend. A truly fun show with special guest Jamie “Master Dingo” Kirk. Thanks for listening!

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Geek in the City Radio Issue 132

What an issue. First, Aaron goes off the rail about how he (and everyone else) should pronounce La Brujeria, but not before telling tales of childhood whooping. Next, Scott brings a Dally Demands with Strange Brew; and then has a great conversation with James Sinclair about the creation process of La Brujeria. (That’s two references). Finally, Fun With Race gets a little serious as Kenny B asks Kielen if white comedians can use the N-word when talking about racial issues… But not before going off on the NBA strike. Don’t forget, La Brujeria issue 2 and Sabertooth Vampire Vol. 2 at Bridge City Comics on 10/21 from 6pm to 9pm. Finally, vote for us in Culture / Arts at Thanks for listening and your support.

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