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Issue 210 – Stumptown Recap – Castlevania – Natalie Nourigat

Greetings programs. In this Kielen and Aaron only issue, they talk about the weekend of the Stumptown Comics Fest and just what makes this show so very special. Then, a talk of art sends the boys down the path of Castlevania and what Next-Gen systems could learn from them. Finally, they are joined by Merrick Monroe of Sequential Arts Gallery and their wonderfully talented artist for May – Natalie Nourigat from Periscope Studio. Learn what inspires her work and some of her dream projects. As always, thanks for listening, we’ll chat again next week.

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Issue 208 – Trailers – Vic Boone – Dally Victorious!

Greetings Programs! In this packed issue, Kielen and Aaron immediately try to crush Scott Dally’s poker victory glory. Then, they are joined by Shawn Aldridge, creator of Vic Boone and a guest at the 2013 Stumptown Comics Fest to talk comics and the creative process. Plus, the gang delves deep into the last Star Trek Into Darkness trailer and the first full Man of Steel trailer. All that and He-Man! (No, really. He-Man).

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Issue 206 – Talking DRM – Joëlle Jones – Making Peace

Greetings programs! In this issue, the gang has a rant about the future of console and PC gaming with the rumored XBox 720 specs. Then, Kaebel Hashitani of Sequential Art Gallery talks about April events and is joined by Joëlle Jones to chat about her work on Helheim and her April gallery show. Next, in Pulling from Aaron’s Box, Aaron comes to terms with John Byrne and his series The High Ways, as suggested by Kielen. All that and gifts from Canada.

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Issue 167 – The Legend of Bold Riley & Tech Fail

Greetings Programs! We curse the technology gods as we lose Scott’s interview with Stephen Gyllenhaal and Joel David Moore as they talk about Grassroots. Sorry folks. But please, it’s a great film and we urge you to catch the film, opening 6/29 at the Fox Tower in Portland. What do we get this week? A big slice of awesome with Leia Weathington and her debut book The Legend of Bold Riley. It’s a truly great discussion on heroism, cultural tropes, and the fear of jumping in head first. Be sure to say hi and buy her book this Saturday at Bridge City Comics from 6pm to 9pm. Thanks all. We’ll chat next week, with 100% more show!

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Issue 159 – New Trailer Recap – Star St. Germain – Avengers Round Table

Greetings Programs! The gang is back in this issue. First, a short talk about the Stumptown Comics Fest rolls right into a break-down of the two new trailers from Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises. Then, Aaron sits down with artist Star St. Germain and talks about her newest show at Sequential Art Gallery as well as her involvement in Womanthology. Finally, Kielen, Dan, and Aaron discuss the opening of the summer blockbuster season with a spoiler-free round table on The Avengers, moderated by Scott Dally. Thanks for listening and thanks for the rating on iTunes under “Geek in the City“.