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Issue 307 – One with David Walker

Greetings Programs. In this issue, we’re joined by writer and fantastic dude David Walker. We talked all manner of nerdy, including the meshing of racial issues and pop culture, and just what it takes to write Cyborg for DC Comics. Then, Bean stands before the Chain of Command in Trekucation. Finally, we review Stumptown issue #6 from Oni Press.

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Issue 293 – The One With Lisa & Brian Wood

Greetings Programs! In this issue, we’re joined by Lisa and Brian Wood of Big Ass Sandwiches to talk about their pending move, tasty foods, and how you can help them grow (and maybe win). Then, Bean’s Trekucation continues as she faces off against The Doomsday Machine. And on Four-Color Commentary, the show looks at Hellbreak from Oni Press. All that and some strange talk about about sexy bits. More than ever, this one is NSFW. You’ve been warned.

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Issue 237 – Destiny, Piracy, & Games

Greetings Programs! In this issue, the gang returns to Thor the Dark World with some spoiler-filled comments. Then, Aaron has a chat with Jamie S. Rich to talk about his newest book with artist Natalie Nourigat, A Boy and A Girl coming soon from Oni Press. Then, an adult-themed Kickin’ it With the Captain that learns that there is indeed a “Kickstarter for porn” with FORCEFUL results. (That will make sense). Finally, Pwn Plays focuses on the PS4 release and the current culture of console gaming. All that and the digital voice of PDXYar, Bob Alpi, pops on the show and chat 2013 Swashbucklers Ball. As always, thanks for listening!

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Geek in the City Radio Issue 124

How much awesome can we pack into one issue? Lets see… We tell you more about the greatness that will be the Boo Yah Strikes Back and the Geek in the City Poker Invitational. Special guest Big Jim lends his genius and reminds you to watch him on 8/25 at O’Malley’s. We delve into Rasputin’s beard in Pulling From Aaron’s Box as he reviews Petrograd from Oni Press. Dan Clark reviews Ninja versus Vampires and why he wishes it didn’t happen. Kaebel Hashitani & Merrick Monroe cover the best 1st Thursday events in Portland. Finally, Kielen King covers a strange restaurant question in Fun With Race. All that, and some of the most awkward transitions of all time! Get it. Thanks for listening and thanks for donating.

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Three for Me – August 18, 2010

While there are literally dozens (sometimes hundreds) of new books that hit your local comic book shop every Wednesday – These are the three you can’t miss for the week of August 11, 2010…

Avengers vs. The Infinity Gauntlet #1 – Marvel Comicsavengers__infinity_gauntlet

I must be on some “all-ages” kick lately. It seems like so many of the books I am digging these days hearken back to my early comic days. Days when the bad guys we evil, but not too evil. I mean, they couldn’t win… Cause, you know, evil. But, they weren’t going around ripping folks into pieces or doing other rather unspeakable things to them. (Well, they might have been, but it all happened off panel). Avengers vs. The Infinity Gauntlet looks to follow in that tradition. While the story might seem all too familiar to old school Marvel fans. (Really, any old school comic book fan should know this one, even die-hard DC junkies, it’s a classic). The Avengers facing off against Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet is a great way to infuse some cosmic wonder and excitement in the young superhero fan in your life.

Ex Machina #50 – Vertigo Comicsex_machina_50

Wow. Once again Brian K. Vaughan takes the reader on one hell of a ride. In the summer of 2004 (yes, 2004) Vaughan, along with artist Tony Harris, promised a shocking event way back in the very first issue of Ex Machina. Today they make good on that promise with this final issue. If you’ve only been reading Ex Machina in the trades, something tells me this is still an issue you will want to pick up. Much like the ending to Vaughn’s other groundbreaking series, Y the Last Man, Ex Machina will have people talking for months to come. Normally I don’t get swept up in the “buy this comic, cause you’ll want to save it”. But, you know what… But this comic, you are totally gonna’ want to save it!

The Sixth Gun #3 – Oni Presssixthgun3

Six wonderfully evil guns? Check. A creepy ass madwoman? Yup. A quartet of relentless killers? You better believe it. Weird ass Pinkertons? Uh-huh. A shadowy Gunslinger with a rather dubious part? Yes’sir! Oh, and an undead Confederate General? Hells yes friend! It can only mean Sixth Gun is out and you gots some good readin’ comin’ your way. Now read it, or take a smoke wagon to the face sir!