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Issue 159 – New Trailer Recap – Star St. Germain – Avengers Round Table

Greetings Programs! The gang is back in this issue. First, a short talk about the Stumptown Comics Fest rolls right into a break-down of the two new trailers from Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises. Then, Aaron sits down with artist Star St. Germain and talks about her newest show at Sequential Art Gallery as well as her involvement in Womanthology. Finally, Kielen, Dan, and Aaron discuss the opening of the summer blockbuster season with a spoiler-free round table on The Avengers, moderated by Scott Dally. Thanks for listening and thanks for the rating on iTunes under “Geek in the City“.

Geek in the City Radio Issue 136

Greetings programs. In this issue of Geek in the City Radio, Aaron reviews the newest bit of cinematic eye-candy that is Immortals, which leads to a conversation about 3D in modern films. But, not before Kielen & Scott talk about the NBA and mock Aaron & Dan‘s love of the Buffalo Bills. Next, we’re joined by Greg Nibler of Funemployment Radio as he delivers a glorious case of Rainier beer. Then, Scott unloads his anger on the Occupy Portland group (kinda). Finally, recaps of glory and c-blocking at the Swashbucklers Ball. All in this packed and awesome show.

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Geek in the City Radio Issue 135

Really, with a title like that, you know you’ve got gold! The boys are joined by Scott’s childhood film friend “5”. First, Batmanuel Duran goes off on GameStop and why they’re done getting his money, after keeping his paid copy of Modern Warfare 3. This doubly sucks, as Kielen goes off on a love-fest review on the new FPS. Then, Scott Dally brings a Dally Demands for Trekkies with The Captains. A double fast Fun With Race about Blacksploitation, pasty tanning, and why whitey don’t mind same-color immigrants. But, not before Dan Clark schools “5” on Tron Legacy.

See you all this weekend at the Swashbucklers Ball.

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La Brujeria #2

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Comic Round Table 2

Greetings Programs! As DC wraps up all the New 52, Aaron asks Portland comic luminaries Kenna Conklin (Geek Portland), Sean Wynn, Rachel Eddin (Project: Rooftop), and Mikey Neilson (Chronicles of the Nerds) to sit down and talk about what worked and what didn’t. Is the New 52 a revolution in comics, or are we seeing a return of the 1990s in 20 pages of color. Then, they evaluate the difference between positive sexuality in comics and flat out pandering, and just how far can comics push social acceptability with Starfire and Kick-Ass 2. All that, and Cannonball’s nigh invulnerability! Thanks for listening and thank to Things From Another World for letting us record in the Hollywood location.

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Geek in the City Radio Issue 129

Long show this week friends. First, Aaron derails the show with pickles. Then, Scott and Kielen enter yet another bet with Dan and Aaron. A bet filled with balls and wings. Then, we sit down and chat with Rob from and talk about what you can expect from the 1st Annual Geek in the City Poker Invitational. And, as it’s a night of bets, Dan puts yet another bounty on a one Scott Dally. Then, Aaron attempts a triple Pulling From Aaron’s Box with All-Star Western, New Avengers, and Aquaman. Guess which one Scott wouldn’t let him finish? Good thing he writes for Newsarama, the real review is there. An interesting and informative Fun With Race about childhood times. All that, and info on the 2nd Annual Swashbucklers Ball. Thanks for listening and thanks for you support. Don’t forget, Podcast Awards – Geek in the City Radio – Arts & Culture.

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