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Issue 290 – Old is New

Greetings Programs! In this issue, Scott again laments the Oscars as we chat about the big nominees. Then, Aaron asks what the Marvel “Don’t call it a reboot…reboot” means. Next, Bean tackles Mirror, Mirror for Trekucation. Finally, Dally Demands his thoughts on SyFy’s series 12 Monkeys and Dan with Rolling the Bones tells you the only two good pirates games in existence with Scurvy Musketeers of the Spanish Main and Skallywags.

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Issue 257 – The Challenge!

Greetings Programs! In this issue, Aaron debuts a new twist on his comic reviews with Three to Read; this week he covers Rat Queens #6, Nailbiter #1, and Cyclops #1. Then, Venu Mattraw & Craig May talk about Attack the Darkness 4 at Guardian Games. Finally, the moment you’ve all dreamed. Scott Dally puts his reputation on the line with the Great Ketchup Tasting Challenge! Will Kielen and Dan taunt Scott in his failure, or shall the famous one rule all? Only way to find out is to download!

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Issue 181 – 1st Thursday – Another Comic Rant – Fixing Detriot

Greetings Programs! Kaebel Hashitani joins the crew and we’re off and running with costume mash-ups. Then, what starts as a review of AvX (spoilers) turns into another talk on what’s going on with comics and culture. Then, Kielen fixes Detroit, so listen! Next, Kaebel brings attention to all the wonderful 1st Thursday events for October and why you need to attend Fright Town. All that, and Aaron takes on the fly D&D Questions… Like a boss! Download and listen won’t you please!?

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Issue 165 – Best. Show. Ever.

So, you know when people ask “Just what the heck is Geek in the City Radio” and you don’t know what to say? Now you do. This issue. This is what we do best! No recap, just a list. Movie Rumors. Zombie Fights. Rage Quit. Comic Reviews. Questionable religious jokes. Solving Race Problems. Swimming Donkeys. Star Pilot’s Revenge! Just download it people.

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Issue 164 – Prometheus – MARVELous Times – Revenge!

Greetings Programs. A show heavy on the geek this week. First, tales of photo shoot adventures with Kielen and the Star Pilot’s Revenge. Then, the crew sits with Kaebel Hashitani and talks about the June showing at Sequential Art GalleryWishing You Were Here but… Having A MARVELous Time! with artist and fellow Trekkie Matthew Clark. Then, an in-depth and spoiler-free review of Prometheus. All that, and Aaron yells at everyone for liking the new Quentin Tarantino trailer. Check it!

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