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Issue 309 – The One About Nu-Nus…

Greetings Programs! In this issue, Aaron and Bean are joined by Kaebel Hashitani of Sequential Art Gallery to talk about the July showing – Munchies with artist Jessica Olinger, who also joins the show. To talk art, weed, loving yourself…and… Vagina nicknames. Then, Beanerita ends The Next Trekucation with All Good Things. And we take a look at The Spire #1 from BOOM! Studios. All that and complaints about the heat.

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Issue 228 – 5-Year Missions, PAX Talk, Ask a Slave Interview

Greetings Programs! A show jam-packed with awesome. Shaking up the format a bit Aaron and Kielen open with a special Fun With Race as Kielen speaks with Azie Dungey, the talented actress and creator behind Ask a Slave. Learn what inspired her and what she hopes to accomplish. Then, Kaebel joins us with Amy Rosko of Atomic Arts as they celebrate the 5-Year Mission at Sequential Art Gallery. And, we are joined by Alicia Orme as she reports on all things PAX and adventures with Fireball! Thank you all for listening and continually supporting our show. We loves you all!

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Issue 215 – Rating Morgan Freeman – Alex Rodriguez Art – Gets Serious

Greetings Programs. In this issue, a casual conversation about father and son watching Star Trek Into Darkness morphs into rating movies with Morgan Freeman Bombs. Then, Merrick Monroe of Sequential Arts Gallery brings their June artist Alex Rodriquez to talk about his newest show – ITSAJACKAL opening. Finally, a rather serious Fun With Race as we talk about raising a child of a different ethnicity. As always, thank you for listening.

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Issue 198 – R2-A-Hole – David Walker – Steve Lieber

Greetings Programs. What a show. What. A. Show. First, the guys rip into JJ Abrams running nerd Hollywood and why it’s a bad call. And, why R2-D2 is a war criminal. Then, Kielen sits down and has a great conversation with David Walker and the Portland Black Film Festival playing all month at the Hollywood Theatre. Then, we’re joined by Kaebel Hashitani of Sequential Art Gallery and the February guest, Steve Lieber. Hear how Steve broke down Alabaster: Wolves for Dark Horse Comics and how he won 4Chan with Underground! Like we said, what a show.

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For the extended conversation between Kielen and David, pop on over to – LINK

While you’re there, check out Soundtrack for an Automated Night.

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Issue 181 – 1st Thursday – Another Comic Rant – Fixing Detriot

Greetings Programs! Kaebel Hashitani joins the crew and we’re off and running with costume mash-ups. Then, what starts as a review of AvX (spoilers) turns into another talk on what’s going on with comics and culture. Then, Kielen fixes Detroit, so listen! Next, Kaebel brings attention to all the wonderful 1st Thursday events for October and why you need to attend Fright Town. All that, and Aaron takes on the fly D&D Questions… Like a boss! Download and listen won’t you please!?

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