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Issue 279 – Magic and Metal

Greetings Programs! In this issue, Aaron and Dan run the show and immediately run down the path of Metal and Magic. It’s a trip down what was and what could be. Then, Rolling with Redgoat revisits the classic game Aquire. Then, Aaron talks all things Dark Anna and the Pirates of Kadath and how Marvel helped sell some copies. All that and a wee hint of football talk.

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Can’t stream? Direct download Issue 279 HERE.

Issue 184 – Haunted Mansion – OryCon 34 – Neighborhood Memories

Greetings programs! In this issue, the crew are joined by Jen Waters of Sock Dreams so that she and Aaron my fulfill their threat of nerding out over Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion and why it’s so popular. Then, Scott asks everyone about that creepy neighborhood house everyone grew up near. Thrill to Dan’s haunted home and a cameo by sister Geek as she defends the legend of the Hairy Baby. All that, and Aaron talks about his appearance and excitement over OryCon 34, happening November 2, 3, & 4 at the Lloyd Center Double Tree.

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Issue 183 – Rebel Craft Rumble – Evil Dead – Black Santas

Greetings Programs. With Scott hiding from clowns, the Lovely Jenn makes a return to the show to talk about her participation in SCRAP’s Rebel Craft Rumble at the Hollywood Theatre 10/18 at 7:30pm. Then, a Fun With Race that explains the difference between Black Santa and Blackface. Plus, Aaron and Dan dork out over the new Evil Dead trailer, and gush over Eric Powell’s newest comic from Dark Horse Comics. All that, and name-a-sidekick! Only on Geek in the City Radio!

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Issue 182 – Horror Music – TV on the Podcast – Tours of Terror!

Greetings Programs. We kick off the spooky season with a special show. We are joined by the one and only Stephanie Stricklen from KGW (follow her on Twitter) to talk about music and moments that creep you out. But first, tales of gifts from listeners and why podcast fans are the best of fans. Then, Aaron and Scott take a tour with Dave Helfrey as they explore Fright Town! (Look for the full tour later this week). All that, and why Kielen doesn’t like any holiday, but especially one about dead people.

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Your Horrific Weekend – 2010

Not sure how to enjoy this finest of holidays? Well friends, your friendly neighborhood Geek is here with all the info your evil little hearts desire.

Audio – Contacting the Dead with Clyde Lewis - “If our personality survives, then it is strictly logical or scientific to assume it retains memory, intellect, other faculties and knowledge we acquire on Earth. Therefore…if we can evolve an instrument so delicate as to be affected by our personality as it survives in the next life, such an instrument, when made available, ought to record something.” – Thomas Alva Edison. Did Edison truly believe he had constructed a device that allowed him to “contact” the dead, or was he simply joking as he claimed in later interviews? We won’t ever know, but we do know this simple quote has fueled paranormal investigators for decades. Halloween night on Ground Zero Radio (101 KUFO – I know, you never thought we’d support that station, but it’s Clyde my friends). Anyway, Halloween night – Clyde Lewis, along with Inventor Dr. Jonathan Burgess, Illusionist Reed McClintock, and Reverse Speech analyst David John Oates will attempt to recreate Edison’s experiment on a massive 100,000 watt scale… And you’re invited. Literally. From 10pm to 1am, you are invited to tune in, call in, and see if you can experience the The Edison Enigma!

Visual – The Walking Dead at the Bagdad with Cort and Fatboy and Things From Another World - We’ve been talking about this event for weeks now. Without a doubt, Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead stood (or hunched as it were) as a beacon of quality in a sea of “just stick in zombies” within the cultural zeitgeist. After six years of printed horror, AMC now takes The Walking Dead to small screen… Unless you’re lucky enough to live in Portland “F’ing” Oregon, where you can watch it live on a 60 foot screen in a gorgeous theater.

Since the Bagdad is a bar, you need be 21 or older. It starts at 10pm, the doors open at 8pm… But trust your friendly neighborhood Geek. Get. There. Early. Way before 8pm. Those of a theatrical nature, you’re encouraged to come dressed as your best zombie costume for your chance at undead glory and some sweet swag from TFAW and Image Comics!

Tactile – Tour of Untimely Departures at the Lone Fir Cemetery - Perhaps you don’t want the horror movie experience, or maybe you have small ones that can’t attend adult events, or maybe you just want a little slice of culture and history in your Halloween. The Friends of the Lone Fir Cemetery has you covered, with a truly wonderful annual event – The Tour of Untimely Departures. Ghostly guides will also share some of the history on Lone Fir as they take you through the cemetery on a path lit with candles.  Two separate tours of approximately 45 minutes in length will be running constantly throughout the evening to accommodate our maximum capacity of 2000 visitors.  Dress for the weather; the Tour happens rain or moon-shine.  Having gone quite a few times in the past, we can tell you this is a great way to spend All Hallows Eve. With a talented crew of volunteers and actors, the Tour of Untimely Departures is the perfect mix of theatrics and history. Like The Walking Dead, this is an event you need to arrive early if you want to get in, as their popularity increase exponentially. Entrance on SE 26th off Stark.  Bus riders, use Line 15.  Admission is $10/adult or  $15/family ( parents with children under 12).