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Issue 294 – The Dally Survives

Greetings Programs! In this issue, Scott Dally tells the tale of watching 50 Shades of Grey within a sea of ladies in the suburbs of Portland. (And, we promise, we’re done after today). Then Trekucation takes Bean on a Journey to Babel. Rolling with Redgoat finds the gap between deck building games and destroying your enemy with Star Realms. Then, Aaron and Bean talk about the Image Comics title Descender. All that and safe words.

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Issue 290 – Old is New

Greetings Programs! In this issue, Scott again laments the Oscars as we chat about the big nominees. Then, Aaron asks what the Marvel “Don’t call it a reboot…reboot” means. Next, Bean tackles Mirror, Mirror for Trekucation. Finally, Dally Demands his thoughts on SyFy’s series 12 Monkeys and Dan with Rolling the Bones tells you the only two good pirates games in existence with Scurvy Musketeers of the Spanish Main and Skallywags.

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Issue 186 – Force Hate – Political Hate – Black Ops Love

Greetings Programs. Whew, angry Aaron takes the show off the rails all kinds of fast when Scott tries to have a fun little Star Wars Episode VII chat. No worries, it comes back to fun in the second segment, when we get political. Okay, trust us, the show is fun. I mean, Kielen gets to praise shooting haters in the butt with his Black Ops II review. All that, and Aaron talks about the 3rd Annual Swashbuckler’s Ball – Saturday, November 17 – 2012 at the Melody Ballroom. As always, so many thanks to you, the listeners!

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Issue 153 – Blackpower & Rum – Xbox & BSG Rage – Super Crooks & Gamestorm – Xenomorph A-Go-Go

Greetings Programs. What an issue. First, Dan Clark tells tales of weaponry in the wilds of Oregon and we learn the pain of Rum Nose. Then, what starts as a simple video game conversation blows up into full blown geek rage as Aaron and Kielen square off against Dan and Scott over Battlestar Galactica. Next, a review of Mark Millar’s Super Crooks and a preview of Gamestorm 14. Finally, an epic break-down of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus trailer. All that and drinking Dan! Geek in the City Radio comes to you live every Wednesday night on the Funemployment Radio Network. Thanks for listening.

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Geek in the City Radio Issue 149

Greetings Programs! With Kielen out with the Hillsboro Blues, Scott Dally steps up as show engineer and shows why he’s famous and you’re not! In this issue, Dan takes his first step in admitting Skyrim Addiction, which leads into a talk about just why Sports Geeks and Geek Geeks really aren’t that different… Even if both sides wish it wasn’t true. Then, Aaron and Scott talk about the newest film from Troma Entertainment – Father’s Day. Next, Aaron reviews the latest DC Animation DVD, Justice League: Doom. Finally, Aaron asks Scott and Dan their thoughts on creator self-censorship and if Aaron made the right call in issue 3 of La Brujeria (coming soon). All that, and tales of Dan’s made hunting skills. Really.

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