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Issue 175 – Rose City Comic Con Preview!

Greetings Programs! A fine show this week as the cast are joined by Ron Brister to talk about the Rose City Comic Con, happening September 8 – 9 in Portland. Tune in for a huge line up of creators, media guests, and some special events by this fine crew! But first, Scott Dally pays homage to Tony Scott and proves he knows his Scotts. Aaron gets super nerdy over IDW’s Star Trek series. Then, Kielen King confuses Dan Clark in Fun With Race. All that and an argument over Beta Ray Bill. Really, only on Geek in the City Radio!

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Issue 169 – Bucket Blocking – Sequential Art Gallery – Pressin’ A

Greetings Programs! With Aaron and Dan out, Kielen starts the show with tales of Croutons on the Rap Bucket. Scott asks the listeners if his wedding should be our next Listener Party as well as an all new Dally Demands. Merrick and Kaebel of Sequential Art Gallery talk about their July exhibit as well as all the art worth seeing in Portland this month, as well as epic Scott shaming. Finally, another journey into the world of Fun With Race.

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Issue 162 – Wonder Northwest – Men in Black 3 – New Studio

Greetings Programs from the new Funemployment Radio Network Studios. In this packed issue, Kielen and Aaron talk about Men in Black 3. Is this a worn out series or familiar friends? Also, Dally Demands we all watch Kevin Smith: Burn in Hell. Then, Dan Clark and the crew give a rundown on what you can expect this weekend at Wonder Northwest 2012. Come on down, meet the show! Why Dan got treated like royality in the wilderness and Fun With Race puts an end to an Internet Meme. Forever! Only on Geek in the City.

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Geek in the City Radio Issue 152

Greetings Programs! In this issue, Dan and Scott ask the question of the age – To Metal or Not To Metal at Wrath of the Titans, a one Kielen King provides the only true answer: Wu-Tang! Then, Aaron reviews the long anticipated book – Womanthology – Spoilers, it’s everything he hoped it was, and more. Then, a look at what else is hitting this summer at the multiplex and why very little has the crew excited. Finally, a Euro-centric Fun With Race that asks “Why the hell does everything think they’re Irish on St. Patrick’s Day?” All that, and birthday shots with Kielen.

Download Issue 152 HERE

Geek in the City Radio Issue 151

Greetings Programs! An all new chapter in Geek in the City Radio, while it we ain’t playing a New 52 on you, it is an exciting time as we join the Funemployment Radio Network. Now, onto the podcast – We open with a conversation on the morality of personal choice in videos games and how it could fix the modern First Person Shooter. Then, Scott talks about the 1st Geek in the City Poker Circuit event on April 7 at the Jack London Bar, brought to you by One Good Hand. Next, a review of The Manhattan Projects from Image Comics. With a conversation on re-cutting Star Wars, a culinary edition of Fun With Race… And, a secret about Dan that surprises no one! Thanks for listening and if your download the show, please tell your friends and ask them to subscribe to the podcast. Thanks!

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