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Geek in the City Radio Issue 12 – Observe & Report, Stumptown Comics, and Das Book!

Greetings programs! On this issue of GeekintheCity Radio, Mailman Chris provides a fantastic review of the new Seth Rogen film, Observe & Report. Then, Scott brings movie news and his shiny new office. Aaron and Kaebel talk all things comics and the Stumptown Comics Fest, with a return by Mailman Chris for some video game knowledge. Finally, th long awaited debut of Das Book vit Krump! Only on GeekintheCity Radio!

This week’s musical breaks are:

LadysmithThe Wanteds

En Ir MundoLos Mex Pistosl Del Norte

A Night Would DoBreaker

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Geek in the City Radio Issue 10 – The Darkside of Fandom & Edible Admirals

In this issue of GeekintheCity Radio, Aaron and Dan explore the darker and dorkier side of rabid fandom. Passion misplaced, or something darker? Then, Dan brings all kinds of fantastic toy news and a serious discussion on the humidity levels of a Mon Calamari Cruiser. Sorry, no film reviews this time out, everyone that caught a screener also caught the Portland Death Flu.

This weeks musical breaks are…um… Joel Hodgson and Strongbad

Geek’s Delight by Kielen King

Don’t forget, March 21 is World D&D Day at Guardian Games.

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Win DVDs!

No, really… But you gotta’ check out Film Fever Radio to find out how:

On this promotional-tastic episode of Film Fever Radio, Aaron and Scott talk about…well, themselves! That’s right; they are so awesome they had to spend 60 minutes telling you just how awesome they are! (I mean, Scott Dally’s fame alone can cure leprosy). However, it isn’t all grandstanding. Listen and discover how you can win screening passes to Choke as well as a double-DVD prize pack of Forgetting Sarah Marshall & Baby Mama.

Don’t forget, Sunday September 21, local filmmaker and badass David Walker is premiering his film: Damaged Goods at the Clinton Street Theater. Tickets are only $5, but there is beer and boobs (one in the movie and one in the theater, you pick which) so you gotta’ be 21 and older.

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Episode 112 – Deathrace with Cort and Fatboy!

With Scott stuck in Eastern Oregon, Aaron once again taps the power of the Mighty Cort and Fatboy Show! Thrill as they talk about the horrors of the rodeo, canine moistened cheese curds, and learn that Mexicans do indeed eat shrimp… Oh, and Aaron reviews the newest film from Paul WS Anderson: Deathrace! Only on Film Fever Radio.

This weeks musical breaks are:

MatchboxCadillac Kolstad and The Flats

At the Opera TonightRepo: The Genetic Opera

Download the awesome show here!

Episode 109 – The Mummy 3 Review & Comic Con Wrap-Up

On yet another stuffed episode of Film Fever Radio, Aaron and Scott talk about their commuting adventures and life in the Geek lane. Then, Aaron gives his thoughts on one of the last films of the 2008 Summer season; The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Then, Dan Clark of Pop Culture Zoo joins the Film Fever Radio and provides a full round-up of the 2008 San Diego Comic Con…and tales of 4 Geeks in a car for 19 hours. Only at Film Fever Radio!

This weeks musical breaks are:

Airship PirateAbney Park

Still AliveJonathan Coulton

By special request, here is the link to Portland’s fantastic Absinthe: Integrity Spirits – Makers of the stunningly smooth Trillium Absinthe. Try it, you will love it!

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