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Geek in the City Radio Issue 100

That’s right fair listeners, Issue 100 of GeekintheCity Radio! Everything you’ve come to expect and/or dread is in this horribly Non Politically Correct issue. Joined by Kielen King, Bobby Roberts, and Kaebel Hashitani; Aaron, Scott, and Dan reflect on the past 100 issues… And a few before. But not just rambling this issue. Scott sits down with filmmaker Tom Shadyacto talk about his new documentary I Am, while Dan has a chat with Grant Knutson, the mad genius behind the Portland Mini Fringe Film Festival. Plus, listen for your chance at winning weekend passes to the Fringe Film Festival, as well as passes to the Portland International Film Festival and their newest feature PIFF After Midnight. All that, plus Pulling From Aaron’s Box and a new segment from the soon to hit Stumptown – Kielen King! Whew, 100 episodes. We’re sorry, and thank you!

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Geek in the City Radio Issue 85

Really, with a title like that, what else could it be but GeekintheCity Radio?! In this syndication worthy issue, Aaron, Scott, and Dan talk about the strange teleportation power of a 5 year-old Saturn… Much to Fatty‘s pain. Then, a double Pulling From Aaron’s Box with the epic Avengers & Pet Avengers #1 (starring massive purple chonies) and Death’s debut in Action Comics. Next, an update on the Tron Legacy marketing and much envy directed at Dan. Finally, they boys talk about strange paranormal experiences… Most of which involved Clyde Lewis. All that and mixing whiskey and Boo Berrys.

This week’s musical breaks are:

Tres BrujasThe Sword

DerezzedDaft Punk

Don’t forget to enter your Time Traveling Comments below for a chance at winning the 25th Anniversary Back to the Future DVD set from Universal Pictures.

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Best of Volume 4

Yes, you read that correctly. Sorry friends, worldly events took damn near everyone on assignment this week on GeekintheCity Radio. But, never wanting the best audience ever to miss out, a small sampling of “classic” (i.e. insane) moments from the show. What can you expect? BadAzz MoFo and demon babies. Behind the scene terror from A.Z. Eduardo Guevara and Pepe Cerveza. And, Uncle Krampy! Thanks for listening, we will be back next week and a giant size Issue 70!

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Geek in the City Radio Issue 24 – Bruno…Rodeo…Leverage’oh!

In this star-studded Issue of GeekintheCity Radio, Scott Dally interviews the cast of TNT’s hit show Leverage. Then, Aaron gives his thoughts on the newest film from Sacha Baron Cohen, Bruno. But, not before Scott regales us with 4th of July Tales from the Rodeo! All that, and the attack of the Movie Critic Plague. Only on GeekintheCity Radio.

This weeks musical breaks are:

Close to the DoorOf Former Fame

Let Me Buy You a Bloody MaryKing

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The Phantom Menace Commentary

After a (date unknown) hiatus, the Film Fever Fan Commentary returns with the Force! Ten years ago, George Lucas raised and then crushed thousands of adult fanboys (and girls) with Episode I – The Phantom Menace. And now, GeekintheCity Radio watches the film with more mature eyes. How has the film held up? Gotta’ download to learn. Special thanks to our guests Mailman Chris, Aaron Barnard, Dan Clark and the awesome Bobby Roberts! Turn in next month when Film Fever takes a look at the original Transformers movie!

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