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Geek in the City Radio Issue 122

I know we kept saying Issue 123, so we can’t count. Don’t judge us! In this issue (being 122), we ask the important questions… Like how long could Dan Clark survive as a He-Man villain, just a skull and a beard! Then, Scott bring the return of Dally Demands with For the Bible Told Me So and why taking his son to his first Duran Duran concert is a rite of passage for all Dally men. Then, a double Pulling From Aaron’s Box with Red Wing #2 and Detective Comics #881. Finally, Kielen King raises concerns about prehensile penis’ and why he doesn’t mind dying first in THAT movie. Yeah. It’s one of those shows. Get it!

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Geek in the City Radio Issue 121

In this issue of Geek in the City, the guys talk about pop culture in the news with movies that should not be and race relations within Marvel’s House of Ideas. Then, Kaebel Hashitani covers some fine Portland 1st Thursday events. Next, Aaron chats with Laura Morley, the admin behind the fantastic Womanthology project from IDW Publishing. Also, a special Fun With Race explains the difference between joking with trusted friends and just being an ignorant a-hole. Finally, a short review of Severed from Image Comics. Thanks for listening and your support! Don’t forget to check out these 1st Thursday events: Liz Conley’s OceanSequential Art Gallery. The August Show!Gallery ZeroWuvable OafFloating World Comics

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Geek in the City Radio Issue 120

In this issue of Geek in the City, the crew talks about gaming at the Dallys, getting bloody with Ash, and debauchery in Lebanon, OR. Then, they talk about the newest trailers and promptly lose their mind over Liam Neeson firing all the guns in Battleship! A double Pulling From Aaron’s Box with The Vault and La Mano del Destino. Kielen brings an all new Fun With Race. And, everyone has way too much rum and ale! Seriously, that ain’t happening again. Thanks for listening. Thanks for your donations. Thanks for telling your friends. And again, thanks for listening!

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Geek in the City Radio Issue 119

Greetings programs! Due to a crunch in the schedule, the show is a day early this week, huzzah for you! In this issue, Aaron returns to the show with a special gift for Dan. Thrill as Dan Clark returns to his action figure roots. Chill as Scott Dally returns to his movie review roots with Robin of Sherwood. Watch in horror as Kielen and Aaron gang up on a listener for an all new Fun With Race. Also, Aaron preaches a very special installment of Pulling From Aaron’s Box. All that, and random conversations with the live Text Box and Video Stream. All that, and Scott Dally’s ghost continues it’s tech attack on the show.

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Geek in the City Radio Issue 118

With Aaron away, Scott and Dan fill the room with awesome. By awesome, we mean Pwn_Toney, Bobby Roberts, Greg Nibler, and Sarah X Dylan of Funemployment Radio… dot com. In this issue, Scott reveals his time as a Goth and yelling at Hanson fans. More mystery review DVDs from Dan Clark and why Scott did not perform his DVD review task, but makes up for it with a review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II. Also, thrill as a ghosts keep tinkering with Scott and the dogs. Plus, tales of Sarah as matchmaker, Bobby’s post-wedding party ideas, and Kielen throws down on the “Magical Negro” concept with Fun With Race. Only on Geek in the City.

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