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Issue 176 – Of Resident Evil, the Justice League, and Artful Portland

Greetings Programs. This is truly a glorious issue of Geek in the City Radio. First, Dan drives Kielen insane with his knowledge of every James Edwards in the world. Then, a surprising trip down the Resident Evil rabbit hole. Aaron and Kaebel go to town on DC Comics with Justice League #12. All that plus coverage of September’s 1st Thursday and a 2013 Stumptown Comics Fest EXCLUSIVE! Only on Geek in the City Radio.

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Issue 165 – Best. Show. Ever.

So, you know when people ask “Just what the heck is Geek in the City Radio” and you don’t know what to say? Now you do. This issue. This is what we do best! No recap, just a list. Movie Rumors. Zombie Fights. Rage Quit. Comic Reviews. Questionable religious jokes. Solving Race Problems. Swimming Donkeys. Star Pilot’s Revenge! Just download it people.

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Issue 159 – New Trailer Recap – Star St. Germain – Avengers Round Table

Greetings Programs! The gang is back in this issue. First, a short talk about the Stumptown Comics Fest rolls right into a break-down of the two new trailers from Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises. Then, Aaron sits down with artist Star St. Germain and talks about her newest show at Sequential Art Gallery as well as her involvement in Womanthology. Finally, Kielen, Dan, and Aaron discuss the opening of the summer blockbuster season with a spoiler-free round table on The Avengers, moderated by Scott Dally. Thanks for listening and thanks for the rating on iTunes under “Geek in the City“.

Geek in the City Radio Issue 149

Greetings Programs! With Kielen out with the Hillsboro Blues, Scott Dally steps up as show engineer and shows why he’s famous and you’re not! In this issue, Dan takes his first step in admitting Skyrim Addiction, which leads into a talk about just why Sports Geeks and Geek Geeks really aren’t that different… Even if both sides wish it wasn’t true. Then, Aaron and Scott talk about the newest film from Troma Entertainment – Father’s Day. Next, Aaron reviews the latest DC Animation DVD, Justice League: Doom. Finally, Aaron asks Scott and Dan their thoughts on creator self-censorship and if Aaron made the right call in issue 3 of La Brujeria (coming soon). All that, and tales of Dan’s made hunting skills. Really.

Download Issue 149 HERE

Geek in the City Radio Issue 146

This strange issue opens with just why we’re going to talk for 12 hours on Saturday, February 4, starting at 8pm. From there is just gets weirder as we’re joined by Merrick Monroe of Sequential Art Gallery to talk about 1st Thursday in Portland and their featured artist, Carolyn Main, also in studio! All that, plus Scott feels guilty for invoking Black History Month with this weeks Fun with Race from Kielen King. Oh, and Dan Clark interviews Alan Moore’s Beard. Honest. Really, could it happen on any other show?

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