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Thanks 2010 Stumptown Comics Fest!

The title really does say it all. Deepest thanks to Portland’s comic book community and everyone that puts in their very limited and incredibly valuable time. Without that passion, well, The Stumptown Comics Fest wouldn’t exist. And, a world without Stumpy is not a world I want to be a part of. I wanted to list everyone involved, but I live in constant fear of excluding a name out of pure forgetfulness on my part – So instead, pop on over to Stumptown Comics Fest, if you see a name, you need to thank them. Be they organizers, promoters, sponsors, creators, or vendors. Each one is an integral part of a very complicated but wholly beautiful machine.

Above are some rather poorly taken shots (from my own over-worked cell phone) during the Comic Award Show and Comic Battle. Hit this link if you want to see all the wonderfully wacky and beautiful stories that happen ever minute of every second of the 2010 Stumptown Comics Fest.

Bye – See you in 365.


Geek in the City Radio Issue 60 – Sexy Vigilantes, SCRAP, & More Metal Movie!

A rather chaotic issue of GeekintheCity Radio, first Aaron and Dan talk about their rather strange weekends and gifts of Ron Mexico. (Not what you think, well kinda, but not really). Then, Dan sits down with the Lovely Jenn and talks about the special events happening at SCRAP this week and all through the month of April. Next, Aaron pulls yet again from his box and reviews the best DC book you aren’t reading – Batgirl! Finally, Dan and Aaron both delve into films made infinitely better with a glorious metal (and some techno) audio tracks.

This issue brought to you by Things From Another World and Guardian Games

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Know Them When…

As people regular readers know, I love Indy comics. Not because I’m some snooty “these are true art and those beef heads in spandex are for kids” comic fan. (And we all know those people are out there, avoid them as they lack any taste and will eat your babies. No, really. Baby eaters). Anyway, I love Indy comic books because they are the culmination of months or in some cases years of hopes, dreams, and passion for the four-color format. Much like filmmakers or musicians, no one gets into comics because they want to become millionaires. (Well, maybe Todd McFarlane, but that’s just my Constitutionally protected opinion). These artists and writers get into comics because they truly love the format. Somewhere in their past they read a comic and thought, “Eureka. This is the path for me.”

And yes, it is cool to bring an early Indy comic to a convention years later and see the look on a creators face when you ask them to sign it.

Which brings me to today and Indy Comics Week. With Diamond taking the week off, you don’t need to fear the dreaded Haud Libri Poena aka, the No New Comics Bends. At all three of the Portland Metro Things From Another World, Indy Comics are king! Accepting work from all over the country, you have a chance to read and buy some fantastic Indy Comics before anyone else. Many a title you’ve already heard reviewed by a certain friendly neighborhood Geek on a certain podcast hosted by some dudes named Cort and Fatboy. If you don’t live in Portland or the horrible local weather man totally hosed your trip into Stumptown, you can also find some of these books at Also, at the Hollywood Things From Another World you can hang out, chat, and buy from Portland comic luminaries Shannon Wheeler, Paul Guinan, Neal Skorpin, and Jason Martin. It all starts today at 11am and runs till 7pm. (Creator schedule may shift throughout the day).

While the big comic publishers are the bones of the comic book industry, the Indy books and their creators are the heart and soul. See you there!


Graphic Novel Garden at Wordstock 2009

Art by Carolyn Main

Art by Carolyn Main

The Stumptown Comics Foundation is proud to take part in one of the countries largest festivals dedicated to the written word, Wordstock.

Once again fostering imagination and wonder in the minds of the young and old; Stumptown Comics Foundation shares the love of Sequential Art within the Stumptown Graphic Novel Garden.

Joining the Stumptown Comics Graphic Novel Garden are Portland publishers Oni Press (Scott Pilgrim, Whiteout, & Stephen Colbert’s Tek Jansen) as well as Top Shelf Productions (The Surrogates, Essex County, & Swallow Me Whole). Come and experience all the world of comics has to offer with the graphic novel collection from Cosmic Monkey Comics. All that, and special events provided by Portland comic book artists and writers.

It all takes place October 10 & 11 at the Oregon Convention Center

Stumptown Comics at Wordstock – A Format, Not a Genre.

Geek in the City Radio Issue 35 – Zombieland Review

Having defeated the forces of suck last week, Aaron and Scott return with a show packed with creepy-crawly awesome. First, Aaron and Scott finally get to spread the love that is Zombieland. Thrill as they speak of the visceral pleasure in crushing, shooting, burning, and stabbing all things undead. Next, Aaron sits down with the man behind the Portland Hallo’ween Bazaar (and gets in some self-promotion). Then, Kaebel Hashitani brings some culture to the show with the 1st Thursday List and October events. All that, and Cooking with Cardamom. Only on GeekintheCity Radio.

This weeks musical breaks are:

SlaughterBilly Preston

Dr. Who RemixOrbital

Because I know we dropped a ton of links on the show, here be the list:

Portland Hallo’ween BazaarBaconFestCrime SceneAlter Egos PartyBoilerplate Premiere

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