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Issue 191 – Holiday Discoveries

Greetings Programs. What a wonderful holiday show. Aaron marks the return at the long-forgotten Captain Flame Arms (though not for reasons you’d expect). Then, in another installment of Unpublished Box Pulling we  highlight The Mire from creator Becky Cloonan. Dan debuts a new segment with Kicking it with the Captain. Kielen’s Fun With Race reviews Django Unchained while coming to terms with a very ugly past. Plus Scott takes us down Toys of Christmas Past. All that, and a discovery that rocks Scott’s world. Thanks for listening all. Have a Merry Christmas, Yule, Solstice, Kwanza, Hanukkah, and all the fun holidays that allow us to drink a few extra cocktails in these cooler nights.

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Issue 189 – Star Trek into Lego of Disneyland upon Benedict Khambersmaug!

What a show friends. In this issue, the gang delves into the new Star Trek Into Darkness poster and how the Hobbit would inspire a Lego sports game. Then, Scott and Kielen discuss the ramifications of Disney teaming up with Netflix and what that means for the future of entertainment. Aaron kicks off the Unsigned Edition of Pulling From Aaron’s Box with Professor Ozark’s Secret Medicine Show #1 by Jason Zachary Pott and Ben Perkins. All that and… Something happens. Something strange. So very strange. Thanks for listening!

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Issue 156: Poker Victory – Dual Comic Reviews – Radio Dramas

Greetings Programs. In this issue, the guys are without Kielen as he takes care of family issues. Have no fear, Aaron, Scott, and Dan pull double duty. But not before Scott takes his well-eared accolades for his poker win. Then, Aaron reviews Alabaster: Wolves and America’s Got Power on Pulling From Aaron’s Box. And then, two special announcements that are relevant to your interests. All that and Dan and Aaron sign along with Neil Patrick Harris, kind of. Please give us a review on iTunes (under “Geek in the City”) and “LIKE” our Facebook Page. Thanks for listening!

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Issue 155 – Double Wrath – Poker Brews – 2012 ECCC ReCap

Greetings Programs. The show opens with the triumphant return of Scott and Dan, but first, Aaron talks about his experience at the 2012 Emerald City Comic Con. Thrill at tales of awkward fans and even more awkward celebrity fights. Then, Rob from One Good Hand joins the show to talk about the Geek in the City Poker Circuit this Saturday, April 7 at the Jack London Bar. Finally, how does the Wu-Tang Clan work in the world of Wrath of the Titans? As always, thanks for listening and “LIKING” the Geek in the City Radio Facebook page.

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Issue 154 – Gender and Respect at Geek Conventions – Hunger Games and Racist America

With Scott and Dan out on assignment at Wrath of the Titans, Kielen and Aaron are joined by Merrick Monroe and Kaebel Hashitani of Sequential Arts Gallery to talk 1st Thursday in Portland and their April showing from Rich Ellis. Also, what starts as a show with no prep becomes a fantastic conversation about the so-called “Fake Geek Girl“, respectful attention at geek conventions, a leveling of the gender field, and how you can make things better. Finally, a heavier Fun With Race as the Hunger Games gets young America to raise it’s ugly ass head. This is a good one friends. Get it!

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