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Geek in the City Radio Issue 145

No, your eyes don’t deceive you. This one is indeed over two and a half hours long. So much gold in this issue. Kielen gets in his expected taunting of Scott Dally and the Blazers. Dan tells tales of the 2012 West Coast Beard & Mustache Championship. Plus, a quick talk about the Oscar picks that evolves into a conversation of music and moving on. Then, Aaron has the honor of talking with Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett about their newest work – Frank Reade: Adventures in the Age of Invention. Finally, Rick Emerson pays the guys a visit as they take a trip into the past with tales of first meetings and FCC fining. A big show. A great show. Nothing but the best for the finest audience in the world.

Download Issue 145 HERE

Geek in the City Radio Issue 100

That’s right fair listeners, Issue 100 of GeekintheCity Radio! Everything you’ve come to expect and/or dread is in this horribly Non Politically Correct issue. Joined by Kielen King, Bobby Roberts, and Kaebel Hashitani; Aaron, Scott, and Dan reflect on the past 100 issues… And a few before. But not just rambling this issue. Scott sits down with filmmaker Tom Shadyacto talk about his new documentary I Am, while Dan has a chat with Grant Knutson, the mad genius behind the Portland Mini Fringe Film Festival. Plus, listen for your chance at winning weekend passes to the Fringe Film Festival, as well as passes to the Portland International Film Festival and their newest feature PIFF After Midnight. All that, plus Pulling From Aaron’s Box and a new segment from the soon to hit Stumptown – Kielen King! Whew, 100 episodes. We’re sorry, and thank you!

Download Issue 100 HERE

Teased Enough – The Season Finale!

It still shocks and humbles me how many emails I receive about the little radio drama that could – A.Z. and The Adventures of the Crimson Mist. Each email asks the same question, “when are they coming back on the air”? I truly wish I could tell everyone [insert date here], but the truth is… I don’t know. The even harsher truth is; possibly never. It’s like trying to put the band back together after a 20 year hiatus.  As the saying goes, the heart is willing but the body can’t.

Still, for a while now we’ve talked about simply posting the script to the Season 1 Finale of A.Z. And yes, to answer your question, Jayesunn Krump and I had about 3 seasons outlined. Anyway, we teased the final episode for a while now. Finally, after covering all our bases, we felt okay to at least give the long-time fans a small sense of closure. Click on the image and give it a read!


Yup, we used to phonetically spell the zombie moans. What can we say, we’re dorks!

I know we’ve been off the air for a long time now, but it still means the world to us that folks continue to drop us emails, ask us about the show in passing, and keep forwarding episode links to friends.  (Kinda’ freaky and awesome to know the shows get played in tents in Iraq).  Who knows what the future holds. However, for everyone that supported us, we figured that little script was the absolute least we could do.

Our deepest thanks.

News on New A.Z. Episodes… Kinda.

Before everyone gets excited – First – Thank you for still being excited. For still being excited for a show that only lasted eight episodes over 16 weeks in 2009. Not to compare myself to the great Joss, but now I (and my friend and co-creator Jayesunn Krump) know how it feels to have such rabid and awesome fans. Our deepest of thanks. Second – The news is not what you are hoping for, at least not yet. Yes, we are in the most early of stages in bringing A.Z. back, but to tell you more wouldn’t be fair to you or Jayesunn and I, since it may still take a long time to get it off the ground (or, from under the ground as it were).

Anyway, what we can tell you is that certain elements of A.Z. that you know will not be the same. However, as a fan that knows how annoying it can be when a show just leaves you hanging, we have one small token of appreciation. We have the “un-filmed” lost episode of A.Z. And so, with that in mind we at present the first ever poll:

Regardless of your decision (of which we will adhere and honor), you have our deepest thanks. It still shocks and humbles us that even after all this time, not a week goes by that we don’t receive an email from a listener asking about the return of A.Z. (and The Crimson Mist). Our deepest of thanks.

Keep tuning in – And remember – Aim for the head, one less Zed.


Trek in the Park – Season 1

It is July 12, 2009 and I am sitting under a tree, hoping the thick green branches will keep me dry from this uncommonly cool and grey Portland summer afternoon. The park is beautiful, made even more so by the light rain falling upon the grass and stone steps of the Woodlawn Park Amphitheater. I wasn’t alone. Within minutes, the amphitheater filled with an eager audience. Couples, singles, friends, parents, and their children (both two and four-legged). It was going to take a hell of a lot more than a light afternoon rain to keep us all from experiencing life in the Final Frontier.

5 minutes till “curtain”. I glanced to my right and with no small amount of joy I observed the cast and crew. I knew the emotions flowing through the performers and crew at that very moment. That moment where you can feel the spark and energy from the audience start to build. That twinge you feel in the deepest part of your soul, the twinge that kicks in just the right amount of fear. The fear that tells your heart, “Ok, they came. Now it is your turn”.

Adam Rosko, co-founder of Atomic Arts as well as this performances’ James T. Kirk strode to the center of the stage. The rain already causing his golden Starfleet uniform to stick to his body, he thanked the audience for attending the show. In a few short moments we were going to enjoy a performance of the classic episode, Amok Time. With a simple nod and second thanks, Adam took his place on the set and the show began.

What a show it was!

If you don’t have a genuine good time at Trek in the Park, then there is something seriously wrong with you. That isn’t me speaking as a proud Trekkie that demands you love all things Star Trek. No, I’ve long since moved past that stage in my geek evolution. No, you will enjoy Trek in the Park because you feel the passion and work the actors and crew put into 53 minutes of classic Space Opera. Each actor knew their role in the show, and while none of them play to the character stereotype, they incorporated enough elements that made the crew of the USS Enterprise icons. Are these professional actors? No, but they are getting there and I for one look forward to watching them all grow. The sets are minimal, but a good stage production has no need for elaborate sets. The actors set the stage and the folks behind Trek in the Park do an Yeoman’s job at doing so.

Not even the growing rain could slow the voyage.

“Wet as Vulcan, I’m beginning to understand what that means.” Without skipping a beat or missing a cue, the cast and crew ran with the changing weather. Sure, the line got a chuckle from the die-hard Trek fans in the audience. But, like all good Star Trek moments, we were laughing with, not at. Indeed, I found myself laughing many times throughout the performance. Never once in mocking, just the simple and wholly human expression of joy I felt at watching these actors. Not a single wink or nod to the crowd. The Atomic Arts crew played it straight the entire time and the audience appreciated it.

Is it a little strange to watch an outdoor stage production of a 1960s science fiction television show? Well, yes. It is.

But you know what? I’ll take Go-Go Boots and Pointy-Vulcan ears over, well, Pixie Boots and Pointy-Fairy ears any ‘ol day.

Trek in the Park plays again on July 18-19 and 25-26 at 5pm at the Woodlawn Park Amphitheater. No cost, but please, drop some gold-pressed latinum in the donation box.

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