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Issue 222 – SDCC Recap – No More Batman – Frustrations

Greetings Programs! In this rant packed issue, Kielen and Aaron are joined by the awesomely geeky Alicia Orme as they all talk about SDCC events with comics, movies, and games. Then Kielen receives horrible news about the galaxy far, far away and Aaron smiles at his pain. Next, much ranting about Batman and why even Guapo thinks enough is enough! All that and tales of epic frustration in the City of Roses.

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La Brujeria

Hey, before you download the show this week. Watch this fantastic proof of concept trailer for David Walker & Robert Love’s 13 from Dark Horse Comics:

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Geek in the City Radio Issue 150

Greetings Programs! A packed show this week. First off, Aaron has a chat with Portland artist and writer Emi Lenox. They talk about the release party for EmiTown, Volume 2 at Bridge City Comics on March 9, her gallery show Ghost Town at Sequential Art Gallery, and what inspired her to get into comics. Them, Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan of Funemployment Radio join the show for a major announcement. What is it? Spoilers! Better download. Then, Scott announces the next Geek in the City Poker Tournament, Saturday April 7, again brought to you by One Good Hand. A double Dally Demands with special guest Dan Clark. And finally, a special reading from one Pwn Toney. All that and a bottle of Johnny Walker goes down.

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Geek in the City Radio Issue 149

Greetings Programs! With Kielen out with the Hillsboro Blues, Scott Dally steps up as show engineer and shows why he’s famous and you’re not! In this issue, Dan takes his first step in admitting Skyrim Addiction, which leads into a talk about just why Sports Geeks and Geek Geeks really aren’t that different… Even if both sides wish it wasn’t true. Then, Aaron and Scott talk about the newest film from Troma Entertainment – Father’s Day. Next, Aaron reviews the latest DC Animation DVD, Justice League: Doom. Finally, Aaron asks Scott and Dan their thoughts on creator self-censorship and if Aaron made the right call in issue 3 of La Brujeria (coming soon). All that, and tales of Dan’s made hunting skills. Really.

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Geek in the City Radio Issue 140

Greetings Programs. Heck of a show this week ‘o gentle listener. First, Aaron throws in the towel on he and Dan‘s Buffalo Bills bet. Then, Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan of Funemployment Radio join the show and talk about their adventures at OMSI as they watched the Dark Knight Rises prologue! Then, a very special Dally Demands as Scott returns to the films that first inspired his early review days. Also, a double Fun With Race that asks some serious questions… But only has Kielen and the crew to answer. All that and a celebration of Sarah’s debut on the Biography Channel… And… The biggest event in 2012 that isn’t the Mayan Apocalypse (or the Geek in the City Telethon of Pain brought to you by the Jupiter Hotel)… Geek in the City Radio and Funemployment Radio present 9 hours of Batman with – Batman BeginsThe Dark Knight – and the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. More details in the coming months. Ah yeah.

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Geek in the City Radio Issue 138

What happens when the crew takes a week off? You get a 2-hour show, that’s what happens. So much awesome, I’m not even going to try and be pithy. Instead, just a list. 1 – Mikey Neilson & Leia Weathington from Chronicles of the Nerds – 2 – Kaebel Hashitani & 1st Thursday – 3 – Interview with artist Norm Breyfogle – 4 – Thanksgiving Pain – 5 – Fun with Race – 6 – Birthing Dally – 7 – Straight from the Bottle – 8 – Football Fail – 9 – Bit ‘o Drinking. As always, our deepest thanks to you, the greatest listeners in the world!

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