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Geek in the City Radio Issue 145

No, your eyes don’t deceive you. This one is indeed over two and a half hours long. So much gold in this issue. Kielen gets in his expected taunting of Scott Dally and the Blazers. Dan tells tales of the 2012 West Coast Beard & Mustache Championship. Plus, a quick talk about the Oscar picks that evolves into a conversation of music and moving on. Then, Aaron has the honor of talking with Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett about their newest work – Frank Reade: Adventures in the Age of Invention. Finally, Rick Emerson pays the guys a visit as they take a trip into the past with tales of first meetings and FCC fining. A big show. A great show. Nothing but the best for the finest audience in the world.

Download Issue 145 HERE

Geek in the City Radio Issue 112

Greetings Programs! In this issue, Scott and Aaron are joined by Portland’s pop culture Patrón – Kaebel Hashitani. Almost instantly, the conversation dives into a rant about Dr. Pulaski and why no one liked her on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Then, a special Pulling From Aaron’s Box as he reviews Darius Logan: Super Justice Force by DF Walker, and why it is a book every kid should read. Finally, Kaebel lets you know about all the great gallery events happening next week for 1st Thursday, 1st Friday, and…um… Saturday. (And don’t forget, Kaebel’s segment needs an official name – Suggest yours in the comment section or our Facebook page).

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Geek in the City Radio Issue 109

Greetings Programs! Yes, we missed last week. But look, like all good boyfriends, we make it up to you later (and Dan will give you a beard massage). In this issue Aaron, Dan, and Kielen talk about the newest trailers for Transformers 3, Conan, and Green Lantern. Then, they are joined by Rick Emerson as they discuss his newest project – Zombie Economics – A Guide to Personal Finance, and his signing on Thursday May 12 at the Lloyd Center Barnes & Nobles. Finally, Kielen turns to the Twitters for this installment of Fun With Race, none of you are getting off light this time! As always, our thanks to Bobby Roberts for running the boards, and we’ll see you all at Free Comic Book Day!

This week’s musical breaks are:

Plasma ShellsPwn Toney

Roll a D6Assorted Intricacies

Download Issue 109 HERE

Undead a Day – Tuesday – Undead Nightmare Review

From comic book companies, popular video games, and even Sears, many companies these days are just slapping zombies on their product for a jump in sales. Red Dead Redemption is no exception, but unlike Sears trying to sell the undead Eco-minded washers and dryers, Undead Nightmare delivers on it’s promise of a rootin’-tootin’ zombie killing good time!

Undead Nightmare isn’t some tacked on zombie patch of already established missions. Like Rockstar’s previous world-spanning DLCs, The Ballad of Gay Tony or The Lost and The Damned, Undead Nightmare takes full advantage of Red Dead’s massive world. The set-up follows the Red Dead story, you’ve done all the killing that needed killing and are looking forward to the quiet life of a family man. Fate, it would see, has something completely different in mind. That damn uncle of yours, he done went and got your wife and child infected with the Zombie Virus. Not able to blast a slug into your kin’s head, you hogtie them, get back on your horse, and go looking for a cure. Then all hell breaks loose, literally in some places.

Darn near every character returns in Undead Nightmare, each one of them aware and dealing with the apocalypse in their own way. The Sheriff of Armadillo doing his best to keep order and protect the citizens. Friggen Nigel West Dickens is still trying to make a quick buck, undead hordes (and your own safety) be damned. Undead Nightmare isn’t a simple, find the cure, fix your family, end game. Rockstar takes full advantage of Red Dead’s massive game world. You will find yourself spending hours just roaming the landscape, seeing how zombies slowing change the environment. A setting that already had it’s creepy moments raises the bar to 11 with endless nights of rain, grey clouds sitting low on the land, and disturbing howls in the distance. Rockstar clearly wants you to take in the environment and the new dangers found within Undead Nightmare as they disabled the convenient Campfire Travel Feature. No jumping to mission locations this time, you have to face the dangers. A little tedious at times, just give in to the setting and enjoy this altered landscape.

Undead Nightmare drastically changes how you enter a fight. Forget tactical hiding and planning ambushes against living foes. These are classic zombies. They aren’t that smart and one or two are easy to deal with; but as a horde? Utterly relentless and damn near unable to stop. This is made even more difficult by the extreme lack of ammunition. Undead Nightmare forces out your inner MacGyver as you look for ways to send them undead sons a bitches back to hell! Some of the new weapons include holy water, the zombie parts blunderbuss, and all manner of explosions. Some die hard Left 4 Dead players might cry foul with the inclusion of specialty zombies like the Bruisers, Bolters, and Retchers. Oh well, they add to the play experience and it isn’t like Valve has the lock on “strange undead” concept.

The perfect mix of Spaghetti Western and Fulci horror, Undead Nightmare is completely worth the 800 XBox Points or 9.99 on the PS3.

Undead Nightmare is the ass-kickin’ horror western you didn’t know you wanted, but totally needed. Get it friend… And aim for tha’ head.


Teased Enough – The Season Finale!

It still shocks and humbles me how many emails I receive about the little radio drama that could – A.Z. and The Adventures of the Crimson Mist. Each email asks the same question, “when are they coming back on the air”? I truly wish I could tell everyone [insert date here], but the truth is… I don’t know. The even harsher truth is; possibly never. It’s like trying to put the band back together after a 20 year hiatus.  As the saying goes, the heart is willing but the body can’t.

Still, for a while now we’ve talked about simply posting the script to the Season 1 Finale of A.Z. And yes, to answer your question, Jayesunn Krump and I had about 3 seasons outlined. Anyway, we teased the final episode for a while now. Finally, after covering all our bases, we felt okay to at least give the long-time fans a small sense of closure. Click on the image and give it a read!


Yup, we used to phonetically spell the zombie moans. What can we say, we’re dorks!

I know we’ve been off the air for a long time now, but it still means the world to us that folks continue to drop us emails, ask us about the show in passing, and keep forwarding episode links to friends.  (Kinda’ freaky and awesome to know the shows get played in tents in Iraq).  Who knows what the future holds. However, for everyone that supported us, we figured that little script was the absolute least we could do.

Our deepest thanks.