Shameless Name Dropping

Folks That Chatted With Geek in the City (In A D20 Randomization)

Kevin Smith spent some time with the Geek, ignoring his film promotion and chatting about Batman and Walt Flanagan.

Danny Trejo sat down and shared stories about life at the California Correctional Center in Susanville (and Machete).

He almost started a nerd fight between Timothy Zhan & Steve Perry when he asked who would win between Grand Admiral Thrawn and Prince Xezor.

Chuck Dixon chatted about all things Batman & Robin with Portland’s biggest comic dork!

Filmmaker Erica Black explained her love of epic battles when she talked about Reclaiming the Blade.

Max Brooks helped maintain Aaron’s Undead Cred when they talked about the pending Zombie Apocalypse!

Edward with Midnight Syndicate explained his love of classic Gothic music.

Jeff Parker & Steve Lieber helped get lost in the Underground at Periscope Studios.

Bear McCreary and Aaron Duran spent time discussing the mythical qualities of Battlestar Galactica and Mega Man.

The Broken Lizard crew, when not signing butts took a shine to Aaron’s naughty bits and broke his so-called professionalism.

Finally, GeekintheCity spent time with Jerry Seinfeld and discussed the finer points of The Empire Strikes Back & Superman. (Lots of Superman).