The Power of Bruce (aka, The Mawn)

Okay, so it’s been a few days since I added to my little rant fest here. And, this installment won’t be that impressive, nor will it be about D&D (I know, that makes you sad). Give a Geek a break, been moving all week and I can barely get my hands to move let along create anything worth reading. But, sore muscles aside, I am here to give some wisdom to ALL retailers the world over…

Bruce Campbell in a pop culture God!

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The First One is Free

I was taking a look at the fall line-up for television this year. It’s looking pretty grim friends. I understand that there are more important issues in the world then the “mans” autumn programming. But dammit, I need some good escapism and the powers that be just don’t seem to care. I don’t have ANY love for “reality” television (and to those that think this stuff ISN’T scripted, I got some GREAT items to sell you, trust me, I’ve met the writers). Can’t really stand sitcoms either, in fact I can count on one hand the ones that I feel are worth my time, sadly only one is still being made (go Scrubs). That leaves me with well made dramas and the ever-so hard to pull off “dramadie”. Again, it looks pretty grim. So, with that bleak viewing future I offer one of my (many) ideas to the public. If by some freak chance a suit reads this, take it, it’s yours… Just remember to give this unemployed Geek a job! Truthfully, this idea should be aimed squarely at the fine folks at the WB…

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One Night Stands Are Healthy

Tolkien had resurgence in the popular culture. 30 years ago lanky men (and some women) decided they wanted some plot to their epic battles. So, a small rather unassuming man from Wisconsin came up with some rules to add a little depth to his tactical combat. Making some Xerox copies and wrapping them in a blue notebook a young Gary Gygax began selling a game he (oddly) called Chainmail. 30 years later the game is stronger then ever, but with a flashier (but still highly mocked) name of Dungeons and Dragons! That’s right people; June marks the 30th anniversary of the most loved, endured, hated, cherished, and misunderstood hobby of the 20th (and hopefully 21st) century. All week I shall take you on a mythical journey through the realm of Dungeons and Dragons… Strap yourselves in, it’s gonna’ be a bumpy (and likely dorky) ride…

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Best of the Best – Round 2.

It wasn’t pretty yesterday. There were bits of monster slayers all over the place. Sadly, we watched as Peter Cushing was run through with a crucifix sword. Sarah Michelle Gellar was beaten to a bloody pulp by the Mormon with the most’est. Hugh Jackman wished he really had a mutant healing factor when Blade (with the help of a grizzled old man) was blown to bits. Finally, the Ghostbusters were sucked into a region of nothingness when the Monster Squad used their German / Virgin connection to blow a hole in Limbo…

Now it’s time for the round II semifinals… Let’s get it on!

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