These Are the Geeks in Your Neighborhood

There won’t be many deep discoveries made in this installment… not that there often is, but still. This would fit nicely in the “tales from the city” style of rambling. Living in a new neighborhood, I decided to start using a new bank as well. I’m in a new neighborhood, new bank, new account, same old no money. As I wait for the new card to arrive in the mail I have to pop on in the bank whenever I need some cash…

I promise, this gets better…

I’m dressed in my GL Corp t-shirt, little faded, but it fits oh so well. Door swings open, the guard smiles at me and I smile back… In the distance I hear:

In brightest day!

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I like me some Supernaut. I’ve caught this local Portland band a few times now. The most recent time being at their CD release party at Dantes last Friday (yes, this is a little late…sue me). Anyway, to say they put on a damn fine show is a gross understatement. Supernaut plays the kind of music that would get me sent to the principal’s office back in the day.

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Lucas killing my childhood softly

You notice that every time I claim to not fall behind anymore on my ramblings, I then promptly fall behind? I then start said post slacking rant with the claim that life has been hectic for your friendly neighborhood Geek… Then, like a student trying to increase his word count on his paper on the Industrial Revolution (which, by the way, was a revolution for industry) I go into some diatribe about just what prevented me from posting on a regular basis. Well, I promise I will not do that this time. I promise that I will simply move onto to what I wanted to talk about… Nope, no wasted space here my friends. No milking of an opening paragraph. Just gonna’ get to the point…

Lucas messes with my head…

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