Sticking to the Code

Most people know of the Code of Men. Its very similar to the Code of Vegas, but not limited by geography. To those who do not know of such code, its fairly simple:

1 – Bros. before hoes.
2 – No Pooftahs! (Not really a part of the code, but I couldn’t let an easy Python joke slip by).
3 – Men do not date and/or shtoop a bros. ex until given permission (even then, add 6 months).
4 – No statements or questions which may get your bro. in trouble with their other half.
5 – Seriously, bros. before hoes.
6 – There is noooooooo rule 6. (Sorry, sorry, I promise, no more Monty Python jokes).

Pretty simple right?

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Sin City

This may prove to be one of the most difficult movies to review. Not because I didn’t enjoy it, far from it as I found the movie to be completely amazing. No, Sin City will be difficult to review for the simple reason that it is the ugliest beautiful film I’ve seen in a good long while, if ever. For those who are not familiar with the basis of the film, let me give you a quick recap. Sin City is a series of gritty crime story comic shorts written and drawn by comic book legend Frank Miller. Along with Alan Moore and Jim Starling, Frank Miller is often credited with ushering in the era of the dark comic in the 1980s and early 90s. Both the comics and movie Sin City are a throw back to the darkest of 1940s noir films, with the violence of the modern world. The movie and the comic are both compelling and repellent at the same time. Now you see why a movie like Sin City is difficult to review.

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Spreading the Love

It was a pretty typical day for your friendly neighborhood Geek, sitting for long hours at a computer monitor wishing the words would just appear for me. (Someone really does need to invent a machine that can read my mind and then translate said thoughts in fully fledged characters, plot, and dialogue; and then, find me a publisher). When the words won’t come I often go for a walk to clear my head. I try to wander a different path each time, although each path always seems to send me to my local game store. This time was no different. I walked in, the friendly folks at the counter said “hello” and did their best to hide the “great here comes that guy that never buys anything” look. They’re getting better at it; I like to keep them on their toes though, so I buy an occasional magazine or shiny D8…


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A Matter of Taste

I’ve noticed a trend lately, a trend of Geeks claiming that a show is either genius or it is crap, and then judging people who don’t feel the same as them. Truth be told, it has probably always been this way and I am just now noticing it. There has always been the rivalry between one camp or another, from the Star Wars vs Star Trek folks to the DC junkies against the Marvel zombies. However, it rarely got worse then Geeks claiming that Han Solo got more tail then Captain Kirk (which, as we all know, is clearly crap). However, it seems in recent years the rivalry has gotten somewhat personal. As if liking something that another person finds to be unwatchable makes you an idiot.

I blame Yahoo.

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