Time to be Honest

There is nothing worse then watching a remastered version of a film you loved as a youth only to find that it really wasn’t that good of a movie. Such was the case when I took a gander at the release of the 80s classic, Flight of the Navigator. Sure the movie was still cute and Paul Rubens was still funny as the ship’s voice, but the movie just wasn’t as good as my rose-colored memory. As is often the case, that fact got me to thinking about other films I completely adore…or at least remember adoring…

Fair warning, many folks may burn me for hearsy for the films I am to mention. Sorry, but your friendly neighborhood Geek must speak the truth.

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Freed Financially, Or, Big Ass Sellout?

This is so sad to admit, but I didn’t get to watch Spiderman 2 until yesterday afternoon, a full 6 days after it’s release. I know it comes as a shock that your friendly neighborhood Geek took so long to watch the further adventures of your friendly neighborhood spider. (God, I’ve been waiting for MONTHS to use write that line, sweet)! Before I continue, I should probably give my quick review of the picture. I thought it was a near perfect comic book movie. Like Hellboy, Spiderman 2 wasn’t afraid to acknowledge that it was a superhero film, with all the superhero clich?s. The story was heartfelt and at times touching. The action was directed perfectly and thanks to improved CGI, did not look like a cut scene from a Playstation 2 game. This Geek actually caught himself tearing up a bit during a few key scenes. Granted, your favorite Geek can get a tad emotional, but the film has some genuinely touching moments. Those who have seen the movie know which parts I speak of. Alfred Molina who (unlike poor William Defoe) was actually allowed to express AND display his emotions played the villain perfectly. Moreover, as a bad guy Doc Ock was always a bit more sympathetic. However, by far the best scene in the entire film was the harrowing surgery scene that I had read about so many times on various fanboy sites. Everywhere I went I kept hearing phrase like: “It was Evil Dead 2 all over again”, “I saw the old Sam Raimi in that hospital room”, “Fans of old school Raimi will cheer”. Well let me tell you friends… Those quotes were right on fricken target! So very great

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Biting the Whole Arm

So now you know why we Geeks spend time and money creating fan films. You know that we love nothing more then to take said fan film and show it to all our friends and family. Now, with most Geeks having access to broadband technology, we love nothing better then to post said fan films onto the internet for all the world to see (and flame). Imagine you are the head of a major media conglomerate. You make your money by getting people to fall in love with and obsess over your products. Imagine the joy you must feel when you see hundreds, even thousands of fans using their own money to create free commercials of your product in the form of the fan film. These poor misguided fools aren’t even trying to make any money off the product. They love your product so much that they make movie after movie. They write fiction after fiction. They buy all your licensed merchandise for said movie projects. You’d be ecstatic right? You’d want to support these fans all you could. They’re doing your PR job after all. Well, you’d be wrong. In fact, you would use all of your legal power to sue and shut down these people. That’s right friends. All (with a few exceptions) do their best to shut down these fan sites and movies. They take the people to court, they put pressure on ISP’s to shut down web sites. Does that make any sense to you? Me either…

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The Joy of Fan Films

Ah the fan film. The true sign that someone is a hard-core Geek. How many “normal” people would spend hard earned money, time, and effort on a movie that only the makers and a few folks would watch and enjoy? To say nothing of the fact that said movie maker can never…ever…ever make any money off the movie. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada. In fact, the act of making any money off said fan film would cost the filmmakers money as the copyright owners would sue the pants off the poor misguided Geek. So why the hell do we enjoy making movies centered in our favorite worlds, with our favorite characters knowing that we can’t do anything with it? Simple, were Geeks and we love these characters and worlds. We like it even more when we can mix genres and characters. Take the title above, taken from a great Star Wars / Office Space fan film. Sure the quality isn’t what the typical American movie audience is used to, but it’s damn funnier then most of the crap coming out of Hollywood. The fan film is also a great opportunity for Geeks to poke fun at each other. What? How can we mock and poke fun at ourselves? Aaron, you ask… Aren’t you always bitching about getting some respect from the straights. Let me let you in on a little secret, well…a couple of secrets.

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My Own “Freaks and Geeks” Moment.

There is nothing more sad then a Geek cut off from the world. No cable, no Internet, only the warm glow of my JVC DTS-Dolby sound region-free DVD player to maintain my sanity. Alas, no one (even your friendly neighborhood Geek) can watch that much Star Trek on disc… Even “Best of Both Worlds” (which is, by the way, the best cliffhanger ever on the small screen). It was starting to feel like high school all over again! Huddled in a dark room…The pale blue glow of my TV… Books and dice sprawled out about the floor…My ass growing at an exponential rate. As any openly Geeky person knows, high school is the worst time of our lives. The teasing and taunting. The sneers and snickers. Most would hide and even deny their dorkness, as I did. That is I did until my 15th birthday…

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