Geek in the City has been publishing for over eight years, and podcasting for over six.  While we have transitioned into a paid live streaming show, the podcast and site will always remain FREE, but if you could kick in to help us cover the cost of hosting services, rum, and beer, we would really appreciate it! Please click the link below to donate:

Thank you for supporting Geek in the City!

If you can’t donate funds, that is so very cool too. We could still use your help. Please help spread the word about Geek in the City and our show. If you have a Facebook account, pop on over the to Geek in the City Radio Facebook page and give us a “Like”. It will help you stay connected to all the events we have planned. And, if you use iTunes, give “Geek in the City” a starred rating and review. The more we get, the more we can entertain. Thanks again. As always, your support is truly appreciated!

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