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Episode 6

Film Fever Radio – Episode 6

Thrill as Aaron and Scott choose the best films about mom. Daring to show his sensitive side, Aaron picks a film all mothers enjoy… Only to have Scott mock and taunt his choice like the cold heart jag-off he is! When not exchanging barbs, Aaron reviews the what-if film, The Confederate States of America and the Peterson “re-imagining” of Poseidon. On the DVD side, Scott reviews the under-rated Munich 2-disc set and drools over the Dr. Katz box set. All that and more on episode 6 of Film Fever Radio!

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Episode 5

Film Fever Radio – Episode 5

Firing on all thrusters, Aaron and Scott preview the summer movie season in style! In this episode, Film Fever Radio covers the 10 summer films all good film Geeks should be excited about! The list is legendary: Pirates, spies, cars, a radio legend, some clerks, cops, snakes and a little hero known the world over as Superman! A show so big, so huge, so stupendous a mere 30 minutes could not contain it…

Download now, the extra special 40-minute Film Fever Radio Summer Blockbuster Preview show!

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Episode 4

Film Fever Radio – Episode 4

What should have been Part 1 of the Film Fever Radio Summer Blockbuster Preview is, instead, an example on the fickle nature of technology. However, never let it be said that Aaron and Scott do not strive to entertain you fine listeners… So sit back and enjoy the sweet sweet sounds of…

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(Aaron and Scott promise to have new and working equipment for the Portland screening of Mission Impossible III on May 2, 2006.)

Episode 3

Film Fever Radio, – Episode 3

Knowing that both Aaron and Scott will be out of town, the filmatic duo decides to record late Saturday night. After they consumed mass amounts of alcoholic libations. A good idea? Um, no. Ingredients for hilarity? Maybe. Still, they are able to comment on the growing trend of releasing films without critical screenings, review the Spike Jonze director series DVD, and continue their profile of Michael Mann. Listen now!

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And, a reminder to get your rock on tonight at Sabala’s Mt. Tabor for the Rick Emerson Listener Party IX: KISN My Ass!

Episode 2

With their second week in, Aaron and Scott try to bring some order to the chaos that is Film Fever Radio. Somehow, they are able to review the theatrical release of The Notorious Bettie Page. On DVD front Scott reviews Fun With Dick and Jane and the Greatest Game Ever Played. Film Fever Radio also debuts their director of the month. Finally, Aaron and Scott tackle the 12 most groundbreaking moments of sex on film! Film Fever Radio… Nothing hotter!

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Also, we would like to give a huge thanks to Podmopolis for listing Film Fever Radio. Like the city of tomorrow… Podmopolis is the radio of tomorrow… Get used to it, for that is where we will all be spending the rest of our lives!!!