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Superman Returns – Episode 11

Superman in comics. Superman on film. Superman in society… As promised, Aaron and Scott deliver to you, the Film Fever Radio audience, the finest Superman Returns episode to hit the podcast world! Film Fever Radio is also pleased and honored to have, in studio, the current Superman Penciller and Inker… Pete Woods! Hailed as one of the finest artists working within the comic book medium, Pete Woods gives his own personal insights into what makes Superman an enduring world icon.

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Also, as promised… Aaron and Scott have 4 signed copies of the newest run of Superman… How do you receive such a fantastic prize? Simple, go to…

Film Fever Radio

Episode X

Film Fever Radio – Episode X

With every studio terrified of the animated juggernaut that is Cars, not a damn thing of value has been released. However, that does not stop Scott and Aaron from creating a spectacular episode of Film Fever Radio! Running on pure instinct and comedic timing, Aaron and Scott run the gamut of film topics… From the robbing of Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang to wondering who thought it was a good idea to give Cameron the keys to the Enterprise… All that, plus Probe Droids on Film Fever Radio X! Boo-Yah…

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Episode 9

Film Fever Radio – Episode 8

On this stunning episode of Film Fever Radio, Scott takes the theatrical review duties and takes a stab at the latest Disney/Pixar release: Cars. The verdict? Can’t give it away here, download Episode 9 now… Aaron, having seen the newest Pirates of the Caribbean toys, finally loses it over movie merchandise and goes into a rant about spoilers on his Action Figures. And, Aaron and Scott delve further into the work of Sam Raimi, their director of the month. All that and more on Film Fever Radio, Episode 9 – Film Fever Goes to Hell!

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Episode 8

Film Fever Radio – Episode 8

No, Aaron and Scott are not above capitalizing on 06/06/06 as they delve into the top 5 films about and/or starring the The Evil One. Also, Aaron takes one for the team and sits through the terrible, nay, wholly unwatchable remake of the 70s classic: The Omen*… Finally, Film Fever Radio picks Sam “The Man” Raimi as their director of the month and Aaron does his best not to go into “fanboy” mode. All that and more on Film Fever Radio 8 – Film Fever Takes Manhattan**!

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* Where else will you hear the phrase “Devil’s Boner” in a film review? Never gonna’ catch Ebert saying Devil’s Boner…heh…Boner…

** Special prize to the first person who gets that reference.

Episode 7

Film Fever Radio – Episode 7

Tune in as Aaron and Scott recover from the mass mutanting suckage that is… X-Men – TeH Last Stand… Aka, Bryan Singer Laughs His Ass Off! Thrill as they honestly attempt to give as little press as possible to this steaming pile. Sadly, the bad ones are always the most fun to rant about. Also, enjoy Scott and Aaron’s senstive comments about their fellow film goers. Finally, they take another stab at the Director of the Month, highlighting two more David Fincher films. Be there, bub.

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