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Episode 19 – Snakes on a Plane!

Film Fever Radio – Episode 19

The one film you have all been waiting for is here…Snakes on a Plane!!! Is it possible that a film hyped this much could ever deliver on all it’s promises? You bet your shiny red butt it does! Find out what Aaron and Scott thought of Samuel L. Jackson and his Mutha’ F’ing snakes. Plus, a Film Fever Radio exclusive interview with Nathan Phillips and David Ellis… Where else but Film Fever Radio?!

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Snakes on a Plane – FFR Style!

Now tell me that Film Fever Radio is not big time sons of bitches! This week, Aaron and Scott (with special guest Rick Emerson) have not one, but two interviews from “Snakes on a Plane”.

Today at noon tune in to the Rick Emerson show, live in Portland, at Noon to hear Rick, Aaron and Scott interview Nathan Phillips; one of the stars of “Snakes on a Plane”, he is the cat that Sam Jackson is protecting, apparently the target of said Snakes. Sweet!

And tomorrow on Rick’s show you will be able to hear our interview with director David Ellis. Wicked cool huh?

Both of these fantastic interviews will also be featured on this week’s episode of Film Fever Radio, which will be all snakes all the time.

Thank you for your undivided attention, and please tune in to Rick’s show live from Noon – 3:00, Monday – Friday on AM 970, everyday, won’t you? It’s good for the soul.

Episode 18 – World Trade Center Review

Film Fever Radio – Episode 18

On this week’s episode of Film Fever Radio, Aaron and Scott review the newest Oliver Stone film, World Trade Center. Although Stone avoided his signature directorial style, was he able to tell an honest and emotional story? Download this week’s episode to find out. Also, Scott and Aaron talk about the newest in film and DVD rumors… Plus, Scott drops even more names and Aaron tries to keep the show at PG-13. All that and more on Film Fever Radio!!!

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Also… Keeping checking for a very special Snakes on a (mutha’ F’ing) Plane annoucement!!!

Episode 17 – Python Nerdality!

Film Fever Radio – Episode 17

With little being released this week, Aaron and Scott tackle their often hinted at but never spoken of favorite comedy films… And, sadly, display their vast knowledge of all things Monty Python… You haven’t lived until you hear the Film Fever Radio guys play every member of the Python troop… Complete with terrible accents. Also, Aaron talks about the new DVD release of V for Vendetta and why you should not buy the 2-disc set. Finally, Scott comments on the casting of Heath Ledger as the Joker in the next Batman film, The Dark Knight… Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam… Lovely SPAAAAM!!!!!

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Episode 16 – Miami Vice

Film Fever Radio – Episode 16

This week, Film Fever Radio reviews Michael Mann’s Miami Vice. Was it Mojito goodness? Or, was it a few cigarette boats shy of a full fleet? Aaron and Scott also weigh in on the newest Kevin Smith film, Clerks II… Did Mr. 37 pull off another slice of slacker gold? Or, was is Revenge of the Mallrats. (Which is under appreciated anyway). Also, Scott brings you all the film news that is fit to podcast and Aaron completely loses it over the hack of a film columnist, Nikki Finke. Download now!

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