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Episode 16 – Miami Vice

Film Fever Radio – Episode 16

This week, Film Fever Radio reviews Michael Mann’s Miami Vice. Was it Mojito goodness? Or, was it a few cigarette boats shy of a full fleet? Aaron and Scott also weigh in on the newest Kevin Smith film, Clerks II… Did Mr. 37 pull off another slice of slacker gold? Or, was is Revenge of the Mallrats. (Which is under appreciated anyway). Also, Scott brings you all the film news that is fit to podcast and Aaron completely loses it over the hack of a film columnist, Nikki Finke. Download now!

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Episode 15

Film Fever Radio – Episode 15

Film Fever Radio reviews the newest M. Night Shyamalan film, The Lady in the Water. Did they find it to be a modern masterpiece, or, is it the The Village 2? Also… No longer able to contain themselves, Aaron and Scott (but mainly Aaron) rip into the typical screener film attendee. The Film Fever Radio guys also add two more films to their director of the month, Terry Gilliam. Finally, Scott and Aaron announce how you, yes you, can win tickets to the Miami Vice screener as well as a Miami Vice movie poster… All on Film Fever Radio! (Yea, I know, we call it Episode 16, what can you do)?

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Win Tickets and Posters!

You’ve heard Scott talk adinfinitum about the upcoming Michael Mann film, Miami Vice. Excited is not a strong enough word to convey the feeling Mr. Daly experiences whenever that iconic Jan Hammer theme music plays…

And now… Film Fever Radio offers you the chance to win free screener tickets and full size Miami Vice movie posters…

How do you win such a fantastic prize?

Simple… Compose the best lyrics to the original Jan Hammer theme!

Send your entries to

Win free tickets and eternal glory*!

Entries need to be received by no later than Monday, July 24 2006.

Listen to a special early edition of Film Fever Radio on July 19th for more details!

* Okay, maybe not eternal glory, but, we’ll still think you’re damn cool!

Episode 14

Film Fever Radio – Episode 14

Blatantly ignoring the only two new releases this week, Scott and Aaron discuss the second half of summer’s cinematic offerings. With the big blockbusters out of the way, the Film Fever Radio boys list the 10 films they are excited about before Oscar season. (Well, technically 9, but, well… You’ll see). Also, they continue with their exploration of Terry Gilliam. And finally… The debut of Snakes on a Plane – the song – by Cobra Starship. Only on Film Fever Radio!

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Episode 13

Film Fever Radio – Episode 13

Film Fever Radio dives headlong into the newest Depp flick: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest! Were the Film Fever Boys blown away, or, was it one long bunghole… Tune in to hear! Also, Scott gets to some actual film news promised since day 1 and they debut a new Director of the Month. All that and Aaron turning into the Key Master… Where else but Film Fever Radio! Listen now!

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