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Episode 23 – The Black Dahlia & Drunken Commentary!!!

Film Fever Radio – Episode 21

On this fantastic episode of Film Fever Radio, Scott Dally looks at the second Noir style film of the year: The Black Dahlia. Directed by one of Scott’s favorite directors, Brian De Palma, The Black Dahlia covers the strange events around one of the most infamous murders of the 20th Century. Find out if the film was worth the hype… Also, Aaron and Scott compare the release of the “Theatrical Editions” of Star Wars to DVD (DON’T BUY THEM), to the CBS / Paramount “HD Restoration” of Star Trek, the Original Series… and why one is good for the fans and why the other yet another slap in the face. Also, DO NOT forget to download the first in a series of Film Fever Radio Drunken Fan Commentary Series. This 4-part podcast will not be available on iTunes. It is just too profane and will get us kicked off the “airwaves”. You can only download it at

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Episode 22 – We Got Noti’n

Film Fever Radio – Episode 21

This week on Film Fever Radio Aaron and Scott review the newest…no, wait… Aaron and Scott review most recent… Um… Crap, the only thing worth talking about this week is Hollywoodland, and since Aaron reviewed that bit of cinematic gold on Episode 21, there is nothing to talk about. Instead, Scott and Aaron review the summer movie season and which films they felt hit the mark and which movie crashed and burned. Finally, Aaron travels down memory lane and proves there is nothing that he can’t bring back to Star Wars, even the suckage of Miami Vice! (Sorry Scott). All that and more on Film Fever Radio.

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Episode 21 – Hollywoodland

Film Fever Radio – Episode 21

On this week’s installment of Film Fever Radio, Aaron Duran reviews the newest film noir tale, Hollywoodland and puts to rest any doubt that Ben Affleck can act when given a solid script and direction. Although one stellar performance does not an excellent film make. Did Aaron like Hollywoodland? Tune in to learn. Then, Mr. Dally decides the show should be called Scotty Fever Radio and takes over the show with his Film News You Can Use! (And says “Boo-Yah” yet again). Finally, Aaron and Scott both comment on the new editions of Star Trek: TOS and mourn the passing of a film star. All that and more!

Aaron and Scott would also like to thank all the Film Fever Radio fans and for spreading the word of Film Fever Radio, as the show doubles in audience downloads for the 3rd month in a row! w00t!

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Episode 20 – Beerfest and other Drunkeness

Film Fever Radio – Episode 20

Chronicle the misadventures of Film Fever Radio as Aaron and Scott chat about their quest to interview the Broken Lizard crew and their newest film: Beerfest! Along the way, Aaron and Scott review Beerfest, share a small bed, get kicked out into a lobby, watch a dude’s ass get signed, and Aaron has his junk violated by the Steve Lemme of Broken Lizard! Where else are you going to find such entertainment? No where baby… Only on Film Fever Radio! Get some corn…Get some beer… Download this sucker!

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Article Turned Promotion…

Whew… I was fully prepared to type a pithy rant about the lack of inside jokes within the realm of comic book merchandise… Alas… I can barely grunt intelligently, let alone write, after last nights debauchery at Dante’s cheering on our Storm Large

And so, I will pimp the exclusive Beerfest interview onFilm Fever Radio this coming Friday.

Make sure to tune in, as Scott and I will likely make it an extra special Lager Edition of Film Fever Radio.