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Time is Running Out!

What up fat lip?

Just wanted to inform our ravenous fans that the Strange Brew Drunken Commentary will only stay online until Thursday, October 19th. Sadly, Bob and Doug must be removed to make more for… Film Fever Radio’s 2nd Drunken Commentary film…

Evil Dead 2

So, if you want that Strange Brew commentary for all time, download it now… Otherwise, you will have to wait until Aaron and Scott upgrade to a bigger, faster, more powerful server… Coming soon…soon…soon…

Episode 27 – Psalty the Psalm and Other Horrors

Film Fever Radio – Episode 26

Faced with the sad fact that during this creepiest of creepy times there is nary a horror film* in sight, Aaron and Scott instead talk about the horror films that influenced them. Well, they try… But, Scott being the heartless that he is, instead decides to mock Aaron for 10 minutes when he learns about Aaron’s pre-metal and horror days were filled with Psalty the singing Psalm. They even whip out a bible! Now I ask you, what other movie show has the stones to whip out a bible during their “horror” episode. They do get around to some horror films… But, this one is mainly about Scott mocking Aaron’s childhood… And some long sobs and tears… * Yes, we know the Grudge 2 comes out today… Do you care, cause Film Fever Radio sure as hell doesn’t!!!

All this and a little bit of Tim Riley too on Episode 27 of Film Fever Radio.

Oh and the long awaited and heavily demanded “Best Of Section” is finally up so you can re-live some of the best episodes; including, what is now known as the “Python Episode” and the full “Strange Brew Drunken Commentary”.

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Episode 26 – The Departed and Remake Crap!

Film Fever Radio – Episode 26

Halloween is in full force as Scott and Aaron bring to you, the Film Fever Radio audience, the first part in a series of “most underrated horror films of all time”. Oh sure, ever year hack movie show and magazine lists the best horror films of all time… But seriously, how many times can one read about how The Exorcist or the (original) Texas Chain Saw Massacre cut a deep swath into the American psyche? Come on! How many shows have the stones to list Something Wicked This Ways Comes? Or… Well, tune in for more. Also, Scott reviews the newest films from Martin Scorsese, The Departed… While Aaron is punished with a screening of Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning… All that, and sac talk…

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Episode 25 – Fal Preview & Lovecraft

Film Fever Radio – Episode 25

Wow, the biggest show to date! But, not without reason… First, Aaron and Scott preview the fall movie season. With the brainless summer blockbuster over for another year, Hollywood releases the films that would have been drowned in the effects heavy summer. The Film Fever Radio guys are there with their top-5 fall films to look forward to… Plus, an exclusive interview with Andrew Migliore, founder of the HP Lovecraft Film Festival. Heading into its 13th year, the HP Lovecraft Film Festival is stronger then ever. Aaron sat down and talked with Andrew about what makes Lovecraft so compelling after all theses years and what fans can look forward to this October 6th, 7th, and 8th at the Hollywood Theatre… All that, and… Whew, really, that is more then enough for one show. Scott Dally, Aaron Duran, and HP Lovecraft… What more can a Film Fever Radio fan ask for?

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Episode 24 – All the Kings Men & The Science of Sleep

Film Fever Radio – Episode 24

On a very special episode of Film Fever Radio, Scott and Aaron tackle not one but two films opening across this great land. Scott takes a gander at All the Kings Men, newest political film starring Sean Penn. While Aaron, still bummed at missing the one-day showing of the re-mastered A Nightmare on ELm Street, takes in The Science of Sleep. How did both films fare? Download to find out… Finally, Aaron and Scott spontaneously create a new segment on Film Fever Radio… Tales from the Video Store!!! Listen now! NOW!

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