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Get a Life! Lovecraft Style

Most people have seen, or at least heard of the classic Saturday Night Live sketch starring William Shatner where he screams at the Trek fans for being complete dorks and losers. If you haven’t, seek it out, it will be worth your time. Watching Shatner finally say the words that I know he’s been dying to speak for years is gold! His best acting ever! Truthfully, he’s probably not acting that much. Plus, we all know that Kingdom of the Spiders is Shatner’s best acting to date… I’ll be honest though, first time I saw it I was a little peeved at it. Those SNL guys were mocking what I loved. They were mocking the people who loved Trek as much as I. And, in a way they were mocking me. (Okay, not in a way; I was a complete dork…they WERE mocking me). How dare they! Little did I know that I was the one with the problem, not the actors on SNL. See, I took Star Trek and my love for it a little too seriously. I did need to get a life. If you can’t see the humor in your own passions and obsessions then you have something seriously wrong with you. This applies to all aspects of life, from simple hobbies to your religion. (And yes, a pastor I knew in my youth was always the FIRST person to know and tell every Jesus joke, so you can’t call me out on this one).

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A So Very Sad Admission

Ah the guilty pleasure, we all have them. It doesn’t matter who we are, or how classy we claim to be; when we are all alone and no one can mock us, we pop in that certain CD, movie, or Hot Pocket. I am no different, but my burden is greater as I often claim to have this great pop culture taste, I really don’t, I just fake it well. Okay, so maybe I do have good taste, but that doesn’t stop me from having a long list of extremely pathetic guilty pleasures… One playing in the background as I write this…

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If Only I Could Touch It

At the end of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Kirk and crew have saved the planet (again). They have all been cleared of charges with the exception of Admiral Kirk whom as “punishment” is reduced in rank and made Captain, the task he was destined for. The full crew are standing in a shuttle and are being taken to their new ship (after the original Enterprises’ sad demise over the planet Genesis). The crew begins to believe that they will be given a less then stellar craft. The camera slowly lifts over the saucer section of the USS Excelsior, the music swells. Then we see it. The familiar saucer of a Constitution Class Starship. The camera cuts back to the crew, eyes wide and jaws dropping. The camera shifts back to the ship. There she waits for her family… The USS Enterprise – NCC-1701-A… They have come home. The scene is warm and heartfelt. I always smile when I watch that scene, but I never truly felt the emotions that scene captures…Until last Saturday when the wonderful Jenn took me to the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle. (Insert angelic choir here).

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Time to be Honest

There is nothing worse then watching a remastered version of a film you loved as a youth only to find that it really wasn’t that good of a movie. Such was the case when I took a gander at the release of the 80s classic, Flight of the Navigator. Sure the movie was still cute and Paul Rubens was still funny as the ship’s voice, but the movie just wasn’t as good as my rose-colored memory. As is often the case, that fact got me to thinking about other films I completely adore…or at least remember adoring…

Fair warning, many folks may burn me for hearsy for the films I am to mention. Sorry, but your friendly neighborhood Geek must speak the truth.

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Freed Financially, Or, Big Ass Sellout?

This is so sad to admit, but I didn’t get to watch Spiderman 2 until yesterday afternoon, a full 6 days after it’s release. I know it comes as a shock that your friendly neighborhood Geek took so long to watch the further adventures of your friendly neighborhood spider. (God, I’ve been waiting for MONTHS to use write that line, sweet)! Before I continue, I should probably give my quick review of the picture. I thought it was a near perfect comic book movie. Like Hellboy, Spiderman 2 wasn’t afraid to acknowledge that it was a superhero film, with all the superhero clich?s. The story was heartfelt and at times touching. The action was directed perfectly and thanks to improved CGI, did not look like a cut scene from a Playstation 2 game. This Geek actually caught himself tearing up a bit during a few key scenes. Granted, your favorite Geek can get a tad emotional, but the film has some genuinely touching moments. Those who have seen the movie know which parts I speak of. Alfred Molina who (unlike poor William Defoe) was actually allowed to express AND display his emotions played the villain perfectly. Moreover, as a bad guy Doc Ock was always a bit more sympathetic. However, by far the best scene in the entire film was the harrowing surgery scene that I had read about so many times on various fanboy sites. Everywhere I went I kept hearing phrase like: “It was Evil Dead 2 all over again”, “I saw the old Sam Raimi in that hospital room”, “Fans of old school Raimi will cheer”. Well let me tell you friends… Those quotes were right on fricken target! So very great

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