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Chapter 10 – Keeping the Hope Alive…With Monkeys!

Your friendly neighborhood Geek wants to thank everyone again for the patience as we continue to fight to get our favorite shows back on the air. I hope everyone is checking out the Best Ofs over on Rick Emerson’s site, as well as Tim Riley’s News casting, and the wonderful Omnisound as is continues to stream the best of Ground Zero with one Mr. Clyde Lewis.

Just in case you fine fans have forgotten, or miss the joy that was the various watches. I present to you, care of Bake Town, a readable Monkey Watch! Enjoy…and fear!

From Bake Town:

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Time for Vengence.

Only a few short hours before I begin my long waiting in line at Lloyd Mall Cinema. As I sit, downing massive amounts of coffee, I see that many of my fellow like minded Geeks are already in line, in costume, waiting to see if their faith in Lucas will be redeemed…

If you wish (and can still get tickets)… Join me!

Tune in MUCH later tonight as I attempt to pen (or type as it were) my gut reaction review of Star Wars Episide III: The Revenge of the Sith!

Last Chance

Well, in a short 24 hours my Geeky self will be standing outside the theater waiting for the “final” Star Wars. While I don’t honestly think this is the last time I’ll see Star Wars in the theater, there is something special about this one. I couldn’t put my finger on it until a few days ago. Then it hit me. This is the first time I get to hang out with a multitude of my fellow Geeks; like so many beer swilling Packers fans outside of Vince Lombardi field, us Geeks will crowd the parking lot of Lloyd Cinemas. I also have an admission to make, I am really bummed that I DON’T own a cheesy Star Wars costume. For all the complaining I make about being taunted for dressing up at conventions, there is a part of me that wants to full on dork out! I want to wallow in total and complete geekiness! Without a hint of irony, I want to stand proud one last time…

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A Tale of Little Dudes.

That title is only going to make sense to people who are working on what is sure to be the rockn’est movie of all time… Bigger Than Jesus: The Diary of a Rock ?n Roll Fan! I could tell you what that title means… but that would rob you of discovering the site all by yourself and that is something I couldn’t live with. With the shameless pimping out of the way, let us move on with the story.

It all began at Trader Joes…

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Moments That Never Happened

We’ve seen them as bumper stickers and t-shirt comments, we’ve heard characters in other shows and films quote them… And yet, the scene or line in question never actually happened. I know I promised I would make this a cheesy top 5 list, but like a big dork… I can’t actually remember two of them… So, I guess this is just going to have to be yet another in a long line of sad Geeky admissions…(Like how I find Joan Cusack to be hot, hot, hot)…


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