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Digital to Dice and Everything in Between.

Everything but the Basement*

The clock showed a few minutes past 8pm on a cool Portland summer night. Backspace was already filled to the Warp Core with Geeks of all sorts, gamers, fraggers, hackers, and that dude who plays chess against himself. The lovely Illusionaire and I didn’t wait long before the Amazon beauty that is Artimis walked into Backspace, soon followed by the local celebrity that is Klingon Rockstar. Within the time span of one quickly sucked down Camel, we secured ourselves a table. The first official Gathering of Geeks had begun.

It was time to nuke the planet!

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Like Crack, Except Plastic…and Legal.

For the first time in a good long while your friendly neighbor Geek found himself with a completely free weekend. Tempted I may have been to sit on my butt and frag digital demons all weekend I decided to get out of the Hall of Justice and wander the city. (Plus, the lovely Illusionaire has this thing about “getting out”, chicks). During our various weekend adventures we found ourselves in Beaverton with a dangerous amount of free time on our hands and being the dork that I am, I suggested we burn some time at the local comic book shop. You see, my newest obsession is to hunt down all the old West End Games Star Wars RPG books that I foolishly got rid of years ago (with the exception of the 2nd edition core rules, just couldn’t part with it). Clearly I am not the only person with said obsession, as there is nary a book to be found when only a few months ago the clearance racks were sick with them. Turning to leave beaten, but not defeated my girl pointed at a rather flashy box displaying Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader engaged in mortal Lightsaber Combat… Rather innocently she asked

“Is this the one you were looking for?”

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Lords of Madness

It’s no small secret that when your friendly neighborhood Geek is sitting behind the all powerful Dungeon Master Screen I love to toss the Undead at my poor players! The Undead are fun to use as bad guys, you can’t negotiate with them, and you can’t stare ?em down and you really can’t run from them as they need not sleep or stop… They just keep coming. That being said, I have to make a confession… Undead are not my absolute favorite D&D monsters, close, but no. So, what is my favorite monster to use against my fellow dice tossers? Easy…

The Mind Flayer!

Ah yea, the dreaded Mind Flayer… Ripped right from the imagination of HP Lovecraft, the Mind Flayer (or Illithid) is one of the best villains to use against players. Like Undead, they are relentless, cold hearted, and evil. So, if they seem (on paper) like the shambling Undead; why do I like them the best? Simple, Mind Flayers are the D&D equivalent of a Bond villain. They lay out plans that would make Machiavelli shudder. It doesn’t matter what great idea the players come up with, if you are using the Illithid as your primary bad guys, you can circumvent whatever the players were planning. You can unhinge any concept the players have and since it involves a Mind Flayer, the players won’t call foul! Players know that the Illithids are badass, they accept that the best they can do is survive the encounter, not actually win. How great is that?!
Thankfully, there are powers at work within Wizards of the Coast that clearly feel the same way I do as they release their newest gaming supplement:

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