If You Prick Us, Do We Not Bleed?

Or, If the Dice Say No, You Gotta’ Go!

Warning, this article lands in the inflammatory, political and anti-religious camp. Don’t come complaining after you read this. You were warned! (Then again, this is akin to telling a Kender to not open something, isn’t it?)

After 8 years in the United States Navy, I joined the Air Force reserves and stayed there for 2 years. During my total time in the service, I met a large and diverse group of individuals, in spite of the variety, one trend kept the Geek in me smiling. The military is a haven for Role-Players (and Roll-Players alike). It was not uncommon to wander through the berthing on ship and hear the loud cries of “20! Critical Hit!” right alongside the cries of “Domino’s MotherF*!$er.” When you have been out to sea for 3 months straight, it is nice to have the chance to escape to strange worlds where you can kill Orcs and befriend kindly dragons. (Or, you know, get burned to a crisp).

No matter what service you look at, you will find dice throwers who are as passionate about gaming as they are about their love for country…

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How William Shatner Changed the World

For many Geeks, William Shatner is the iconic space hero. His exploits on the starship Enterprise generated a huge following in the late 1960s. The loyal fan base was much more than just a bunch of groupies – some of them, after being influenced by the show, grew up to become leaders in space exploration or computer technologies. How William Shatner Changed the World follows William Shatner as he describes (in his own special way) how our world has been influenced by Star Trek.

A few years ago, William Shatner discovered the joke that every one was laughing about, it was him and his singing. Instead of allowing this to hinder him, he turned this into something special. He took his singing one step further and turned it into an entire persona based on making fun of himself, and Star Trek. This brilliant sense of humor is what we get to enjoy from the very start of How William Shatner Changed the World. After all, even the name is a spoof. Shatner confesses in the opening sequence “Now don’t tell me you think that [the technical revolution] all just sort of happened, that’s just dumb, all this inventiveness and technological wizbangery by accident? PUH-lease! There’s a much simpler and more convincing explanation; I made it happen, or rather Star Trek did…”

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Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better!

[The following is transcribed from a tape recording I found in Geekcave after waking from a drug-induced sleep]
Stupid little boy, did you think I wouldn’t find your secret headquarters? For too long I have watched your male ramblings on this page. Too long have I been subjected by your testosterone influenced ranting. Well no more bucko! I. Me. Joni DeRouchie. Director. Writer. Web Goddess. All around amazing woman is running the show! Oh, no you don’t… No waking up yet… [Undecipherable mumbling followed by a loud THUMP. That would explain this bump on my head]. Heh, heh, heh, there we are silly little Geek, back to dreamland with you. Now then, where was I? Ah yes. Time for a REAL top-10 list of the HOTTEST Geeks EVER. Unlike you easily amused men, we ladies need more then green legs and robotic boobs to be impressed. And so, I present to your “fans” a TRUE Top-10 list. Damn, he’s coming around again! Time to depart… Oh, he has a Wesley Crusher action figure… Not anymore! [More crashing can be heard on the tape. I wake up to find some of my underwear missing and multiple calls to 900 numbers. Gonna’ get you for this Joni].

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