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Mosters Vs Aliens – Score Review

Hans Zimmer’s a good guy. One of the most successful and influential film  composers of the last 20 years (his style’s even aped in Taco Bell’s “The  Legend of…” ads), and he’s still modest, self-deprecating, and amused by the  business … Continue reading

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I had a blast at Star Trek. I’m so glad I did. I wanted to have a blast again with Trek. I discovered Star Trek in 1983 when I was 9, about two years after I’d discovered girls are purty … Continue reading

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Cold Case score – CD review

Score by Michael A. Levine – Released by  Lakeshore Records –  24 tracks – 60:08 Mentioned early before it becomes a dirty little secret: So far I’ve reviewed scores from movies and TV shows I haven’t watched. The music’s divorced … Continue reading

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The Music of Marley & Me

So has anyone called Marley & Me dog-person propaganda? I ask as a dog person myself… Cats don’t tell me anything… Anyway. It’s a lovable pet flick. The film’s not going to have the stakes of high drama. It’s not … Continue reading

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