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I found myself bouncing back and forth between two people as I watched the newest film from Paul WS Anderson. The person who can watch a film with a critical eye and knows what to look for in a film; and, the big ?ol fanboy who has waited more then a decade to see these icons of films go claw to claw. Instead of trying to find a balance between the two I will simply give in and provide two completely separate reviews. Before I delve deeper, I want to give a big thanks to Scott at Film Fever for the pass.

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Of Fathers, Sons, and Jedi.

I have spent a good amount of time blasting Lucas for all the terrible things he’s done to Star Wars ever since the release of the Special Editions in 1997. I can’t deny however, the images and symbols he created over 25 years ago. Granted, most of those images and symbols came from Joseph Campbell and his book The Hero With a Thousand Faces, but that does not take away from their meaning. One of the trilogies primary symbols being the hero journey of Luke Skywalker. Most viewers come away with the simple images of Luke growing from the archetypical pig farmer to great hero who restores the order of the Jedi. Luke, to most viewers, falls under the “warrior hero” archetype. To a point this is true, however; Luke performs an even greater task, that of the “healing hero” when he restores his father to the man he once was. I know, most of you don’t need to Star Wars plot recap, but it helps to lay the foundation of this installment.

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Total Immersion

First off, I want to warn some of you that half of this rambling will be extremely boring, in fact you will likely be rolling your eyes thinking, “yes, yes, I know all this already, get on with it”. But most of you won’t so your friendly neighborhood Geek is going to push forward. Today I speak of Gods and Monsters…Sorry, listening to the Bride of Frankenstein. Although the previous statement is a little true as I am going to turn my attention to role playing games again.

For the first time in this Geek’s life I’ve been given the chance to review an item that I DIDN’T have to buy first. I’m keeping the title a secret for now, as I want to finish the book and complete the review. However, my initial pass completed, the book has stirred up some thoughts on the current trend in RPG’s. But, to get to this trend I need to give a little history on the RPG industry (as much as my limited industry knowledge will allow at least). No need to go back to the early days of Chainmail and Gary Gygax, but we do need to go back about ten years…

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Get a Life! Lovecraft Style

Most people have seen, or at least heard of the classic Saturday Night Live sketch starring William Shatner where he screams at the Trek fans for being complete dorks and losers. If you haven’t, seek it out, it will be worth your time. Watching Shatner finally say the words that I know he’s been dying to speak for years is gold! His best acting ever! Truthfully, he’s probably not acting that much. Plus, we all know that Kingdom of the Spiders is Shatner’s best acting to date… I’ll be honest though, first time I saw it I was a little peeved at it. Those SNL guys were mocking what I loved. They were mocking the people who loved Trek as much as I. And, in a way they were mocking me. (Okay, not in a way; I was a complete dork…they WERE mocking me). How dare they! Little did I know that I was the one with the problem, not the actors on SNL. See, I took Star Trek and my love for it a little too seriously. I did need to get a life. If you can’t see the humor in your own passions and obsessions then you have something seriously wrong with you. This applies to all aspects of life, from simple hobbies to your religion. (And yes, a pastor I knew in my youth was always the FIRST person to know and tell every Jesus joke, so you can’t call me out on this one).

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A So Very Sad Admission

Ah the guilty pleasure, we all have them. It doesn’t matter who we are, or how classy we claim to be; when we are all alone and no one can mock us, we pop in that certain CD, movie, or Hot Pocket. I am no different, but my burden is greater as I often claim to have this great pop culture taste, I really don’t, I just fake it well. Okay, so maybe I do have good taste, but that doesn’t stop me from having a long list of extremely pathetic guilty pleasures… One playing in the background as I write this…

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