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2004 Lovecraft Film Festival Wrap-Up

The lights came up one last time. The curtains closed (yes, the Hollywood Theatre still has screen curtains), and people began to shamble about with melancholy grins on their faces. It’s always with a heavy heart but utter joy that the HP Lovecraft Film Festival comes to an end. Like so many such festivals, it is put together with love and passion. So much hard work goes into the festival that a small part of you is glad when it’s over, but the next day feels so empty. There were hugs and handshakes. Promises to stay in contact over the year. Plans to shoot Antediluvian horrors for the 12th annual festival. Final photos taken. I had really wanted to attend the traditional, though never sanctioned Lovecraft Drink Fest at the Moon and Sixpence. Alas, your friendly neighborhood Geek had nothing left to give. 3 days and about 6 total hours sleep took their toll.

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On a cool summer night 50 years ago the people of Japan were attacked by an atomic horror that leveled cities and shrugged off bullets and bombs like an AT-AT squashing dirty rebels. Frankenstein, Dracula, The Blob, Freddy, Gamera, and all the collected monsters of celluloid must bow their heads in fear and awe at the Silver Screens greatest monster of all the. The one, the only, the legendary GODZILLA!

At the close of 2004, Toho Entertainment will be writing the final chapter in Godzilla’s 50 year reign of joyous mayhem. But have no fear Man in Suit fans this will not be a lame ass farewell tour, your favorite Nuclear Lizard is going out in a world destroying blaze of glory in the film Godzilla: FINAL WARS! No less then TEN, count them, TEN monsters and TEN cities will have their asses handed to them by the Great Green One.

And who are the unlucky punks who think they can bring down the King of all Monsters?

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Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

The line around the theater was easily two hundred yards long. There was no way that all these people were going to make it in to see the screening of this Geeks most anticipated film of the year: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow! But it didn’t seem to matter, the crowd was happy and excited. I’ve been to many such screenings, and it never fails that half of the people there are only in line because they want to see a train wreck for free, (see Alien vs. Predator). Not so with this film. There was not a single person expecting this film to be bad, or even mildly disappointing. In fact, I found myself concerned that people were holding this movie in such high expectations that it could never deliver the goods.

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Unto Every Generation

I keep telling myself that I am being a little too harsh on Susanville. Perhaps that little town isn’t akin to the Orc infested kingdom of Mordor; sure it has a volcano close by and tends to smell but still. No, Susanville is actually a Hellmouth! (Heh, you think I was going to go somewhere serious with this? Please). Susanville has had more strange happens within it’s tiny population of 15,700 then any other town I can think of. Where oh where to begin?

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