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Cop Top 5

I was going to write a sweet article about setting my street cred aside and talking about the films that make your friendly neighborhood Geek a bit weepy. I was even going to time it with that fake holiday that occurred yesterday…But, alas…didn’t happen. I still may write that entry, but it might be a while now. So instead, I’m going to go from lovey-dovey to hacky-slashy…

Top 5 horror scenes in movie history… Or until I change my mind.

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Don’t Break My Heart Sam

As reported a few days ago, Sam Raimi has said that the Evil Dead remake is a go. I mentioned a month back that I wouldn’t believe such news until it came from the director himself, well crap, it has. I would normally be screaming to all who would listen (and those who won’t), and to be honest I did when I first read the news. How could Sam do such a thing? Remakes are the evidence of everything that is wrong in Hollywood right now. Then the news started getting even more upsetting. The remake was going to be made with that Stifler jag off as the shotgun touting hero Ash! Holy crap, that just was just plain wrong. Then the news shifted again. The Evil Dead remake was going to be cast with a series of unknowns, Sam wanted to use the remake as an opportunity to give a young filmmaker a chance at success. Well hell, while I still couldn’t stand the concept of a remake, the supposed reasons behind it seemed noble, if a bit off kilter. Then, more news came in on said remake that started to make a bit more sense in a strange Hollywood business kinda’ way. News that would allow me to slowly start to forgive Mr. Raimi.

See, Raimi, Tapert, and Campbell don’t own all the Evil Dead rights.

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You’re a Geek…Deal!

I made an interesting discovery of late, and no, for once this discovery did not happen as I was scanning various gaming books. This one hit me in a smoke filled bar with drunken football fans, it was similar to a late night Star Trek convention…But with cowboy boots. The discovery? People seem to have this desire to express their secret Geeky knowledge to me, like a nerdy priest the masses come to me to confess their dork sins. People I would never expect come up to me and complain about the state of Trek, or if I’d read the current issue of X-Men… The most recent event happened over the cheers of a Patriot touchdown. A certain woman whom I will not name to protect her street cred walked up to me and asked:

“How do you feel about Enterprise being canceled”?

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Star Trek is Dead…Long Live Star Trek!

You know, I caught a lot of flak from folks online when I began to say that Star Trek needed to go away. Well, as much flak as a bunch of Geeks can give…which, if you know any Geeks in your life, can be a good amount (we just can’t back it up beyond flame wars). There were exceptions, of course, but for the most part I was treated like a modern day Baltar…Which is, I guess, like a modern day Richard Hatch (not the fat one from Survivor…the OTHER fat Richard Hatch, you know the one that, Lorne Greene’s kid… Screw it; just go ask a Battlestar Galactica fan). Anyway, I stood by my statement that I made all those years ago, and I stand by it still. Then, I began to hear rumors that Paramount was ready to tell Berman and Braga to go pound it. This was music to my ears; it was music to the ears of any true Trek fan.


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Screw Hot Topic!

I have this strange confession to make. I love going to the mall, not to shop mind you, I just like wandering the mall. And, the more sleazy the mall the better. Hence why folks will often find your friendly neighborhood Geek in Lloyd Center Mall, but never within the frosted glass walls of Pioneer Square Mall (besides, walking by the Bose store and not being able to afford anything really bums me out). There are very few stores in the mall that I enter; in fact I have them mapped out in my mind in a strange holding pattern… Enter the first level by the postal store, hang a left and ride the escalator to the tobacco shop, slip into the software store that smells like gamers, over to Spencer’s (for no more then 2 minutes), cut over to Suncoast (and hope my ex’s roommate isn’t working), back down to the first floor, zigzag to Excalibur (drool at the Lord of the Rings props), cut to Hot Topic (my eternal quest for more flame shirts), and then about face and leave… But, I may have to change my pattern. I may have to take Hot Topic off my list.

Friggen posers.

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