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What’cha Gonna Do When They Come For You?

There is this great little fan film called Troops made by Kevin Rubio. It’s been available for many years now and I’m sure that the bulk of you have seen it. Well, at least those of you who scour the Internet for every little nugget of Star Wars love you can find. I KNOW you people; we can smell our own you know! Just in case you haven’t seen it, go…now…watch it…come back to my rambling later… What are you still doing here? GO! WATCH THE DAMN THING!

[Insert intermission music here]

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Jersey Girl


Well crap, I’ve only been at this thing for a couple of months now and I’ve already broken my rule of adding new crap every 48 hours. Give me a break people, your friendly neighborhood Geek was feeling a tad under the weather. While recovering I decided I needed some fresh air. I left my basement, went outside, and headed for the theater. Hey, to a Geek like me the scent of stale popcorn and musty seats IS fresh air. What to see, what to see? Well, I had my choice of Jesus, zombies, a little girl, a CGI dog, and Tom Hanks. Always wanting to support my own on opening weekend I put down my $8.50 and sat down to watch me some Jersey Girl…

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Dawn of the Dead

I will admit that I had MAJOR bias going into this movie. Everyone knows my feelings about movie remakes. It’s one thing to remake a movie if you are attempting to bring it closer to the original source material (like the upcoming Charlie and the Chocolate Factory); but in this case the first Dawn of the Dead WAS the original source. Strike one! I have also made it know to friends (and anyone else who will listen) that zombies are not fast! They are relentless monsters that can not be stopped short of popping them in the head, granted they are slow and shambling, but relentless none the less. What’s creepier, a fast moving foe who kills you fast or a slow lumbering beast that gives you time to ponder your own demise? Strike two! I really didn’t want to see this movie, it insulted the horror purist in me. One of my friends presented me with a proposition: She had two free passes, so in a way (she claimed) I would be taking money AWAY from the film by filling two seats without paying for them – and she’d buy the popcorn. Somehow I was able to justify seeing this movie now. Most of my friends didn’t understand, and I couldn’t blame them. It didn’t matter that the early reviews were very positive. The film was a pox upon Romero’s original. I would be dead to them if I went. I had made my choice. At 7:10 in the evening I entered the theater…

So, did like the damn thing?

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The Hardest Writing of All

I enjoy writing in all its forms (with the exception of poetry, not in me). I love nothing more then sitting down at a computer or a pad and pen and bringing tales to life. The characters jump out to me, they come to life before my very eyes. Indeed, I often only need the barest of plot and outline, the characters themselves deal with the situation in a realistic manner. I simply give them life. Although we may not admit it, most writers have more in common with Dr. Frankenstein then our fellow storytellers. A writer may allow his or her characters to run wild, but we can still reign them in if the story gets out of control. This is true with any form of writing…well, almost any form.

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Breaking Up is Hard To Do

Your friendly neighborhood Geek is a kind-hearted man. He doesn’t like to drop the bomb on people, but sometimes a line must be drawn in the sand and a stance must be made. That line was drawn a week ago. And so, I had to make the sad, sad call…

“Listen (Bob) the circle has made a choice and have decided that you must go. It’s not you, it’s us”. Truth be told; it really was that person’s fault. You keep staring at a woman’s boobs while arguing with the DM; your ass is GONE! Oh, you thought I was talking about a personal relationship!? Ha! Ha! Ha! Please, no good Geek EVER dumps a love. We hang on to love for dear life! No, this break-up had to do with a (former) role player. I wish I could report as to how said person responded, alas I had to leave a message and have yet to hear back from said player. I doubt I will and that is fine with me. It did get me thinking about relationships and how Player Characters would handle a break-up…

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