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This Town Ain’t Big Enough For All of Us

This was quite the week. All I can say is that I did my part. What more can one ask? (I guess plenty, but I’m lazy). I sat there and looked at my ballot, squinted my nose and filled in the little oval with my #2 pencil. Folded the ballot, took it to the county office and dropped it off. I found myself annoyed that my selection of candidates was so limited. Okay, so I had the Libertarians, Constitution, and Green Party but for the most part my choices were limited to the President Savant and Herman Munster. Oh well, guess I’ll just read comics…

Ha, you think this was going to be a plain ?ol political rant?

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Spirited Spirits

As I’ve said before, this time of year is my favorite. I love the weather, I love the sights, I love the smells, I love the spooky tales, and I love the creepy cocktails… And so, your friendly neighborhood Geek thought he would share the love, (and, he’s again to busy to write a real article, and he is strangly speaking in the third person).


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Enterprises Real Player

Ask anyone who got the most tail on Star Trek and everyone will answer Captain James Tiberius Kirk. Okay, maybe a couple will name Spock, but that isn’t true and those people are confusing actual boot-knocking with their own lust. However, I, your friendly neighborhood Geek, is going to school you who the real Mack daddy of the Starship Enterprise was… The one, the only…

Dr. Leonard H. McCoy.

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Christopher Reeve – 1952 – 2004

I know that when you peel all the layers away Christopher Reeve was simply a man who played a role. However, to me and so many people of my generation, he WAS the Last Son of Krypton. His refusal to give up in the face of his paralysis and his desire to help others overcome their injuries showed that there was a piece of the Man of Steel within him.

He will be missed in more ways then my adult mind can understand, but all too vivid with the child that still resides within.

Rest Christopher Reeve, you have more then earned it.