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Holiday Geek Shopping

This may be a little late, but I might as well jump on the bandwagon and run with my “what to buy your *insert whatever* in your life. I first said I was going to list the top 10 items to buy the Geek in your life, but being lazy and running out of time, I decided to stick with the top 5 items to get the Geek in your life. Unlike most lists, this one really doesn’t have an order as all the items listed below would be loved by your significant dork. Well, except for number 1, that will ALWAYS be number 1. It should be noted that I am leaving out the obvious listings of video games, movies, and music box sets; seriously, if you are dating a Geek, these items should be givens.

Honorable Mention- Magazine subscriptions:
Yea, I know no real surprise here. But, you can really impress the Geek in your life by selecting a non-mainstream title. If they love the horror, then get them a year of Rue Morgue. The music Geek would love some Blender so he can beat his wannabe hipster friends who still read Rolling Stone. Some Game Informer if they love the digital fragging. Open your mind, if they like it, chances are there is a magazine for it. This also applies to comic book subscriptions.

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The Year of Bill

2004 will go down as an interesting year, but many many lightyears from now, when historians look back they will wonder why 2004 wasn’t named “Year of Shatner”. I must admit that I have an unhealthly obsession for Bill. I’ve read the man’s books — not just the TekWar series but also his Star Trek memoirs. I’ve watched every frame of Shatner I could find, from the Kingdom of the Spiders to his 1965 horror film Incubus, the only movie ever made in Esperanto.

And then there is his 1968 spoken-word album The Transformed Man, a veritable Rura Pente of campiness famous for Bill’s howling and unhinged versions of Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds and Mr. Tambourine Man. I’d forgive you for mocking me if I said that I was excited about the release of Shatner’s new album, Has Been. But you don’t know the Captain like I know the Captain. The single — Common People, is just cool. Featuring Joe Jackson on vocals — it’s brilliant. It’s getting good reviews and is quickly becoming a novelty hit. Has Been, released earlier last month, caps the year of Shatner.

Last month the 73-year-old actor won an Emmy for his performance as Denny Crane on the TV drama The Practice. Shatner stars in a new series, Boston Legal, which airs Sundays. I stay up to watch despite having job searches to perform. Next summer, Shatner will reprise his role as slimy pageant host Stan Fields in Miss Congeniality II — absolutely no one does slimy better then Bill. And God help me, I’m gonna’ watch that bad boy.

It’s been confirmed that Capt. Kirk — who,as everyone knows, died on Veridian III, will make a cameo on UPN’s highly regarded, though wholly unwatchable series Enterprise. And, let us not forget that he has been on the cover of TV guide more then any other mortal in history. Shatner has script projects and book projects and documentaries and video games and paintball wars, not to mention his own production company.

Bill has never lost the eye of the Tiger. Shatner is a relentless worker and a fearless artist, willing to try anything — books, music, video games. He is the greatest Candian of all time, Avril Lavine can eat it.

How did Shatner get so hip?

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My Andy Rooney Moment

Some folks speak to a therapist, others their family, some choose their pastor or priest. Not your friendly neighborhood Geek. No, I am (with frightening regularity) finding revelations at my local gaming store. Much like the realization that even geek girls wouldn’t have dated me back in the day, I discovered that I am quickly becoming a bitter old man; granted I haven’t even hit my thirties. However, it should be noted that gamer years are very similar to dog years, but not quite as extreme as computer life years. So, let’s say that in gamer years I’m pushing my mid-fifties. I’ve been an unabashed dice tosser since the transitional days of AD&D 1st edition to 2nd edition. Although sadly, the first RPG I was allowed to play was DragonQuest, the Striper of role playing games. I could go into the delicate nuances of that stunning Christian role playing game, but I simply do not have the time, it will have to wait…

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The Horrible, Terrible Truth

I’ve been really neglecting my peeps lately…both of you… No more, I promise, your friendly neighborhood Geek will get back to a regular ranting schedule. Unlike now, where I am simply stalling for time as I think of a way to open today’s column…

It was the afternoon before my regular game day (yea, I have one…Back off, so does Wil Wheaton, you’re all just jealous)! Anyway, I popped into my local game store, Bridgetown Hobbies, to see if there were any sourcebooks that would enlighten the gamer within. Alas, no… However, I did make an eye-opening yet earth shattering discovery…

Even gamer girls (who are, by definition, geeks) won’t date the gaming geek!

Okay, let me back up here…

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Open Fan Letter From An Open Fanboy

I’ve never been the person to write fan letters. I can’t remember a time when I’ve ever written a celebrity, although I did write a programmer at SNK about 16 years ago about a game called Ikari Warriors (old school gamers will know that one). Strangely, he wrote me a six page letter in return (along with a yet to be published copy of Ikari Warriors 2, go figure). Then, there was the time that I got a letter from a guy who was cast as the “engineer of the week” for the 1st season of Star Trek” TNG. I remember him asking me to write Paramount and tell them that I loved his character. He didn’t make it long (I guess my, “That guy ain’t bad, but he sure isn’t Scotty” letter didn’t help). I’m rambling again aren’t I? Okay, to the point… I don’t write fan letters, and yet now I am compelled to.

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