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A.Z. – Portland, After the Zombies

Taking place in the not so distant future, the living have lost the war against the living dead. Now there are only the survivors, people living in a world After the Zombies. These are the stories of those that call Portland, OR their home… Life, A.Z.

A.Z. (After the Zombies) was created by Aaron Duran and Jayesunn Krump

Episode 1 – And You Clothed Me

The survivors on Ross Island have to take a dangerous trip into SE Portland to find warm clothing to survive the ever lengthening winter.


Episode 2 – The Last Broadcaster

A radio talk-show host in Portland, OR broadcasts the final days of civilization as the zombies overrun the city.


Episode 3 – Winter of our Discontent

A tweaker runs off with what little medicine the Ross Island survivors own. They’re forced to track him down over the frozen Willamette River and find horrors locked in the ice.


Episode 4 – And the Geeks Shall Inherit

Gamer geeks decide to hold up against the zombie apocalypse in their favorite gaming store. What happens when the Mountain Dew and Cheetos run out?


Episode 5 – Preludes

With winter passing, the Ross Island survivors see a craft moving down the Willamette River towards them. They’re forced to decide between helping the people and dwindling their supplies, or pushing the needy away.


Episode 6 – No Mercy

With medical supplies dangerously low, the Ross Island survivors send a small crew to the Oregon Heath and Science University. What they discover is far more dangerous than any walking dead.


Episode 7 – Everybody Wants to go to Heaven

Ross Island encampment is in shambles. The party from OHSU finds horrible clues as to the fate of the people they loved, and just what the future holds.


Looking Back – A Conversation with Aaron & Jayesunn

Over Halloween, Rick Emerson ran a special encore run of the entire recorded series of A.Z. After, he sat down with Aaron Duran and Jayesunn Krump, the creators of A.Z. to talk about the process.


The Adventures of the Crimson Mist

A homage to the pulp adventures during the golden age of radio, The Adventures of the Crimson Mist looks at a Portland that never was. A Portland that was defended by masked heroes while our soldiers fought overseas.

The Crimson Mist was created by Aaron Duran and Jayesunn Krump

Episode 1 – The Case of the Missing Professor

Nazi scientists kidnap a brilliant engineer in hopes of turning his technology into a weapon of the Third Reich. Can the Crimson Mist stop them in time?


Episode 2 – The Case of the Copper Cobra

Kids are vanishing in the streets of Portland and turning up as brain-washed thieves… Is the Crimson Mist to blame, or are their other powers at work?


Episode 3 – Double Down and Die

Portland plays host to an ancient Greek art exhibit and with it, the exhibits enigmatic protector and her furies. Can the Crimson Mist learn their real intentions before all of creation is undone?


Episode 5 – Long Live the Red, White, and Kaiju

It is 1952, World War II is over, but evil remains. As the Crimson Mist faces a forced retirement, an evil from the Reich returns to unleash his final revenge against our hero and city. (Recorded live in front of a studio audience).


11 thoughts on “Audio Projects”

  1. I was wondering if you guys are planning anymore Portland AZ. I have been telling people abou tthis epic awsoem for the ears for the last few years. I am going to download all you have hear and maybe creep out my girl.

    Thanks guys,


  2. Hey Roland. First, thanks for finding us and Funemployment Radio! Will there be more AZ? I don’t honestly know. It takes a lot to put one of those episodes together. Perhaps as we get more opportunities within the FER Network. There are still a few moments I’d like to explore with these characters, but I don’t want to move forward with them unless everything is in place. I’d rather never do more, than do a few that were lacking. If that makes any sense. Thanks again for listening sir!

  3. Episode 4 is one of the lost episodes. It was written, but never produced because the radio station was sold and the Radio Dramas ended. Wish I had a better answer, but that’s how it went down. We there was a chance to do another episode a few years later, it felt better to move the characters ahead a few years. Mainly because we couldn’t get any of the voice actors from the follow-up episode back.

  4. Argh! Portland A.Z. leaves on the biggest cliffhanger. Please tell me you’re making more. Donations could help fund. Have you tried kickstarter?

  5. Was wondering if you plan on making all the old movie commentaries available? I stumbled across a few old ones on my computer the other day, totally forgot you did a Jaws one, better than finding $20 in a old coat!

  6. Funny you mention that. We are in the process of putting something just like that together. We might not be able to include all the commentaries (for various reasons), but we shall do our best.

  7. I just came across AZ, I couldn’t stop listening.Such a present to find Gold I mean Gold Jerry(Seinfeld reference). Thank-you Hope to hear more?

  8. Thanks Bobby. Means a lot that people still find and enjoy the show. As for more. While I’m not one that believes in “never,” the likelihood of more A.Z. is pretty slim. However, one never knows what the future holds. Plus, there are still plenty of other projects we’re constantly working on. If you have the time, give the Crimson Mist a listen, very different from A.Z., but definitely lots of fun. As always, thank you so much. It the world to us.

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