The Truth Behind Geek in the City

There are many reasons Aaron Duran could give for starting Geek in the City in 2002. The love of pop culture. The need to control forum attack runs. Both of those reasons, while sprinkled with truth, just ain’t true. The reason comes from the single most repeated phrase ever told to him by other writers.

Sorry little fanboy, no one is just going to hand you a writing contract because you won a couple of contests. You want someone to notice you, get your words out there. Next.

That’s it. Brutal in it’s honesty. Geek in the City started because the story of the writer noticed in a coffee shop in Soho is just that. A story.

But along the way, Geek in the City evolved into an award-winning blog that focused on local “Geek and nerd” events. In 2008, Portland’s Willamette Week awarded GeekintheCity.com the coveted “Blog That Isn’t a Total Waste of Time”. So epic was this win, the editors ended the category from 2009 till forever… For-Ev-Er! Becoming a trusted source in Portland, OR and beyond, Geek in the City continues to expand from its early roots as Aaron (along with the rest of the crew) expanded into podcasting in 2004.

With thousands of weekly listeners, Geek in the City continues to mix pop culture news, reviews, and socially biting commentary with mildly amusing entertainment.

Still, through all the changes and evolutions, Aaron Duran never forgot the reason he turned on the site in the first place.

The love of writing.

In January 2011, Aaron published La Brujeria, the first comic from the new publishing arm of Geek in the City.

Life, culture, and entertainment. It stands still for no one. Neither does Geek in the City.

Follow the site. Listen to the show. Buy the comics.

…Keep your eyes and ears open… You never know what GeekintheCity.com will do next!