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Issue 447 – Geeky Self-Care

Greetings Programs. After some pretty stressful times, Aaron, Bean, and Kaebel talk about the ways they relax and find their center again. Shocking no one, they are nerdy as hell. Then, No Take Bakulas warps forward with the Shadows of P’Jem and more Vulcan shenanigans. Followed by a mixed review of The Prisoner #1 from Titan Comics and a passionate recap of the the Black Lightning season finale. Continue reading

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Issue 446 – Vulcans, Andorians, & Time Travel!

Greetings Programs! It’s issue 446 and the gang dives into casting news from the Final Frontier with a sample of Altered Carbon. Then, No Take Bakulas investigates The Andorian Incident and Bean’s trust in Vulcan becomes shaken. Then, a short review of Her Infernal Descent. And finally, everyone nerds out hard over the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow. All that and skirting the phrasing line! Continue reading

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Issue 445 – NyQuil Haze

Greetings Programs! In issue 445, Kaebel and Aaron are loopy from random sickness hitting Portland, while Bean does her best to keep us in line. There is much nerdery. Finally, we being Trekucation – No Take Bakulas! It’s a shorter show, but concentrated geekiness is good for you. Continue reading

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