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Issue 351 – Would You Like To Know More?

Greetings Programs! This week, the crew sits down with performer Sophie Maltease to talk about her show – Bechdel Test Burlesque happening April 30 at the Funhouse Lounge. And, how social issues can be expressed through burlesque performance. Then, a new installment of Just Be Better… Please talks about being an ally and shoe sizes (really). Then a review of Spectrum issue #0, but not before we all horrify ourselves over spiders. Except Kaebel, for he’s a freak. Remember, service means citizenship! Continue reading

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Issue 350 – Megathrusting the Benja…

Sorry. Anyway. Greetings Programs! In this issue, as the awkward headline suggests, we’re joined by Benja Barker as he chats about his involvement with The Northwest Horn Orchestra and their 10th Anniversary performance 4/21 at the Alberta Rose Theater. Also, Chris Waffle of Portland’s newest awesome nerd band Megathruster joins us to talk all things geeky and musical (with a hint of the Haunted Mansion). All that and Denise takes a trip to The Ship on Terakation. Continue reading

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Issue 349 – The Fix on Sexism

In this issue, things get a little serious as Kaebel, Bean, and Aaron have a discussion on sexism within gaming and how to help stop it. (Read this for more info). Then, some serious love for The Fix by Image Comics and a strong shout out to Heartthrob from Oni Press. Denise faces the Apocalypse Rising on Terakation. But first, a light chat on Animaniacs! Continue reading

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Issue 348 – Big Damn Interviews

Greetings Programs! In this issue, the gang gives you a Best Of because Aaron is getting his Star Trek music nerd on. But, it’s a killer one as we go back to the three most requested interviews of all time. First, we chat with the folks behind Star Trek Axanar. Then, Richard Hatch joins us from the 13 Tribes of Kobol to drop serious knowledge. And finally, Kelly Sue DeConnick drops even more truth bombs. Back live next week. Continue reading

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