Issue 327 – Trick ‘r Treat Commentary

Greetings Programs! In this issue, a Halloween tradition as we sit down with a live commentary with the modern horror classic – Trick ‘r Treat! With our awesome special guest – Dawn Taylor! Download, kick back, pop some corn, and get your horror movie on!

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Can’t stream? Direct download Issue 327 HERE.

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One thought on “Issue 327 – Trick ‘r Treat Commentary”

  1. Thank you for this commentary. I remember reading a horror magazine when Trick ‘r’ Treat was originally going to be released to theaters and was really excited for it. So two years later when it was actually released I was all over it and have been a huge fan from the first viewing. I don’t know what I think about a sequel being done so long after the original. But then again with the anthology format it makes it a lot easier to make it just another anthology with very little ties to the original. But I would like to see them bring back Rhonda as a major tie to the original and just have it recognize how long it has been since the night she let the little bastards be ripped apart by the zombie kids.

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