Issue 310 – Bean & Martin on the Ocean

Greetings Programs! In this issue, we’re joined by the super talented Martin Vavra of Galaxy Sailor Productions to talk about making movies in Portland and his connection with The Haunting of Sunshine Girl. Then, things get super Trekkie as Bean recaps her personal Top-10 of The Next Trekucation. Thrill as she and Martin immediately make Aaron lose his mind. All that and a reminder to check out our friend Kyle’s new documentary – Hail to the King!

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Brian Walz

For all the talk about geeks needing to be inclusive and stop putting each other down and we should all be allowed to like what we like, apparently that doesn’t apply to Babylon 5. I knew as soon as Martin mentioned Babylon 5 that Aaron would make a snarky comment and I was not wrong. I don’t expect Aaron to change his mind and suddenly start liking Babylon 5, but it would be nice if he could mention it (or allow it to be mentioned by others) without having to put it down. It gets tiring to continually hear someone you otherwise agree with consistently put down something you enjoy. I wouldn’t mind a good natured ribbing, like Pwn gets for his love of Farscape, but it’s not good natured. It’s just dismissive and/or mean. I’m not surprised, just disappointed…


Or you could just take it as the joke that it is. Or taunt me about it on the page. It’s really that easy. But getting all annoyed is really not worth the effort.

I mean, this is coming from me, the person that literally like Christopher Lambert as Raiden in Mortal Kombat.

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