Issue 267 – Helped by Star Trek

Greetings Programs! In this issue, we’re joined by Ilana S Lehmann PhD, author behind the book All You Need to Know About Disability Is On Star Trek and her pre release event at Guardian Games this Friday. Then, just as Aaron and Dan talk about comics in Three to Read, Kielen and Scott go off the whale stapler deep end, and don’t ever really recover. Finally, talk of Portland movies in the park and Pwn Plays covers Destiny, Beta. Thanks for listening!

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2 thoughts on “Issue 267 – Helped by Star Trek”

  1. I just don’t get the love for Willy Wonka. It takes forever to get going, the child actors are not that good, most of the songs are just OK, and it barely follows the book. I don’t understand how it became so beloved. It’s only bright spot is Gene Wilder (always good) and I just don’t think that is enough to carry the rest of the movie. I know I am in the minority, but I just don’t get it.

  2. I think it’s because you enjoy something so much as a kid that it translates into adult enjoyment. And it’s charming enough to maintain that love. And yes, Gene Wilder can carry damn near anything. Also yes, you are in a massive minority on that one. 🙂

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