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Issue 251 – Wu-Tang, Hercules, Space Wolverine!

Greetings Programs. In this episodes sans Scott and Aaron, Dan and Kielen step in with special guest Jen Waters and newest special host Alicia Orme, aka Space Wolverine! Tune in and hear tales of touching the Stanley Cup, The Rock punching boars, and special Wu-Tang albums. Then, the debut of Space Wolverine at the Movies as she talks about her first viewing of Flash Gordon. Then, Kickin’ it With the Captain gets down with Big Huggin’ Bears. All that, and a special Pwn Plays! Continue reading

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Issue 250 – Big Jim, Clubber Lang, & Local Music

Greetings Programs! In this birthday episode, Kielen shows his love for Clubber Lang. Then, Big Jim Willig of the Big and Loud Podcast talks about their live St. Patty’s Day show at the Alhambra Theatre on Saturday, March 15. Next, Dan profiles Music Millennium Kickstarter campaign, Aaron reviews the newest Beasts of Burden from Dark Horse Comics, while Kielen gets with Battlefield 4. All that, and we learn Dan have never watched the Rocky movies! Continue reading

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Issue 249 – Rising 300, Geek Council, & Killing Shakespeare

Greeting Programs! In this packed show, Kielen and Dan review the abstastic green screen flick 300: Rise of an Empire. How does it stand to the violence porn of the first? Then, Jen Waters of the Portland Geek Council talks about how you can become better involved in Portland’s pop culture community (with pizza). Next, Dan profiles the Kickstarter campaign Kill Shakespeare board game from IDW Games. Finally, Aaron talks about the March shows at Sequential Art Gallery and Fleeting States Gallery. Thanks for listening! Continue reading

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